DC's Young Justice

Young Justice Phantoms Review

The Hero Guy’s Take on Episodes 8 and 9

The Hero Guy talks DC’s Young Justice!

Article by Brandon the Hero Guy

DC’s Young Justice centers on a group of teenage heroes who not only have to deal with the trials of being an up and coming super hero, but the daily trials of being a teenager. The journey to establish themselves as true super heroes runs parallel to their journey to grow up into adults worthy of their powers. An interesting take on the traditional super hero genre.

Episode 8: Downtime

This episode of Young Justice made me completely satisfied the fight between Shiva and Orphan was definitely worth the wait and it and had a lot of emotional weight; especially with the connections from the past episode. We got to see how skilled of a fighter Orphan is to the point where she could permanently take out Shiva if she wanted.

DC's Young Justice
The young heroes of DC.

But due to her teammates influence she decided to go against it. Plus, Shiva is still her mother despite her inhumane methods towards Cassandra. Sam Liu did a really great job creating this fight sequence. I was on the edge of my seat this was definitely ripped right out from the Rebirth Comics. The animation reminded me of an anime style fight sequence and it was incredibly enjoyable. They did Cassandra justice…Young Justice (laugh with me!), and this how she should’ve been portrayed in Birds of Prey. I cannot wait to see her transition into in Batgirl future seasons.

Episode 9: Bereft

The 9th episode of Young Justice Phantoms was very interesting. I never thought I’d see an episode that mostly focuses on Zatanna. We got to see a bit more of the supernatural elements of the show and it showed us the history between Vandal Savage and his collaboration with Klarion the Witch Boy. This episode has a lot of storytelling. Not just for Zatanna but many other characters as well that are dealing with their inner struggles such as Beast Boy with his depression building up after witnessing and experiencing so many traumatic events which completely broke him and how he was going to permanently end it all which was surprisingly dark and completely unexpected and this causes many of the Outsiders and Leaguers to be very concerned about him, which could tie in with the next episode.

Young Justice Phantoms Episode 8

Also, we got to see many other character introductions such as Phantom Stranger, Madam Xanadu, Blue Devil and Mary Marvel all DC Characters that are part of the Magical line up which was a great set up for a possible Justice League Dark introduction especially since Zatanna and Xanadu are connections to Swamp Thing and John Constantine like the Comics. This season so far is set perfectly it focuses more on the characters storytelling and the aftermath of what they had to endure last season and it doesn’t need huge action to display it, not mention showing the viewers of how mental health is important showing how it can not only affect you but those around you as well this episode is definitely an A+.

What Else is the Hero Guy Excited About?

Snippet of the Batmobile posted by Zack Snyder’s Collaborator Clay Enos #RestoreTheSnyderVerse 

The Batman always has a sweet ride!

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