Werewolf by Night/Blade Update

The Hero Guy goes in on Marvel latest supernatural updates.

Article by Brandon the Hero Guy

It’s confirmed that actress Laura Donnelly has been casted to portray Nina Prince for the upcoming Werewolf by night D+ series.

Laura Donnelly confirmed in new role

Quick info:

Nina is the daughter of Lina Russell who inherited the Family Werewolf curse, and was bitten by one who served Dracula.

Nina’s curse was altered by a sorcerer named Glitternight. At some point while the curse was lifted, she was attacked and bitten by a vampire, making her a hybrid of two species. She can access her abilities at night, and can compel her targets with hypnosis. She has superhuman strength, speed, keen Animal senses, and has the ability to change into white wolf. This unique transformation is due to her family curse from the Russel bloodline.

Nina will also be connected to Blade for his upcoming feature MCU so already Marvel is connecting the Supernatural side of their Cinematic Universe.

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