Ray Fisher/Joss Whedon Updates

The Hero Guy talks Ray Fisher and Joss Whedon, the beef continues.

Article by Brandon the Hero Guy

Joss Whedon finally spoke out about the ‘Justice League’ accusations. In latest interview, Whedon clarifies Warner Bros. asked him to fix ‘Justice League’ after Zack Snyder’s exit: “I thought I could help it.”

Image from New York Magazine

He denies threatening Gal Gadot. Instead Gadot told him he doesn’t understand how superhero movies work: “I don’t threaten people. Who does that?” — Adding Gadot possibly misunderstood him since English isn’t her first language.

For Ray Fisher, he says their conversations had been friendly and respectful, contradicting Fisher’s claims. And he had to cut Cyborg’s arc because it “logically made no sense” and he felt Fisher’s acting is terrible. 

Ray Fisher’s fight continues

Ending his interview, Whedon says: “The begining of the internet raised me up and the modern internet pulled me down. The symmetry is not lost on me.” 

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