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The Death of the Justice League

Death of the Justice League is the upcoming series written by Josh William that will focus on a world without them after the League is permanently defeated by an unknown force this will be part of DC’s main timeline.

Death of Justice League

Covers for the upcoming DC series Death of the Justice League which the team will go against an unknown threat that will wipe them out completely leaving the world without a Justice League to defend Earth it will be written by Josh William and the Art will be by Dan Jurgens.

He denies threatening Gal Gadot. Instead Gadot told him he doesn’t understand how superhero movies work: “I don’t threaten people. Who does that?” — Adding Gadot possibly misunderstood him since English isn’t her first language.

The Moon Knight Trailer

Snippet of The Moon Knight suit for his upcoming D+ series he’ll be portrayed by Oscar Isaac, who also portrayed the emperor in Dune, Poe Damon in Star Wars and Apocalypse in the recent X-Men film.

Moon Knight is bringing the drama

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