Retro Anime Review: Angel Cop

6 Hard Hitting Episodes of Greatness

Article by Wilson Lee.

Cyborgs, psychics, and mayhem! Angel Cop, released in anime form in 1989 is six episodes of pure octane. The anime was written by Shō Aikawa and Ichirō Itano, and adapted from the manga created by Taku Kitazaki. If you know me then you know I am absolute retro anime junkie and this is a 100% gem my friends.

Angel Cop takes aim and doesn’t miss

Let me be clear this anime is extremely violent, vulgar, and has nudity. Titles like this may not be for everyone, but it was a big part of what made this particular era of anime so great. Angel Cop delivers on the same level as Akira (1988). The anime focuses on two main plot points, the development of the main character Angel Mikawa and the ongoing struggle between the Red May (communist rebels) and Japanese government.

Do you remember the times?

In this dystopian future world, Japan is the center of the world’s economy and plagued by the terrorism of the communist radical group the Red May. In response to these terrorists the government forms the Special Security Force (SSF). This elite law enforcement team is licensed to kill, and genuinely do what they do because of their love for Japan.

Angel’s character development over the six episodes was awesome. The audience sees the world through her eyes. As Angel wakes up to the complex realities around her, you too become aware. That growing awareness shapes Angel’s character development and allows for you to get a sense of the greater machinations of the Angel Cop universe in a relatively short time.

Angel believe in the law…

All in all, I loved it. Six episodes was perfect; enough to make you want more, and an ending that hurts so good. I definitely recommend making time for the six episodes if you have the appetite for a hard-hitting dystopian sci-fi anime. Kudos to you Amazon Prime for having a solid selection of retro anime.

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