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DC released official concept art from Aquaman’s standalone film. Originally it was going to be part of the Snyderverse, before the reshoot incident. This version of the movie would’ve been based off the Throne of Atlantis storyline. We would’ve seen a worldwide Atlantean invasion lead by Arthur’s brother, Orm, to destroy the Surface world.

The Atlantean Invasion

This would’ve gotten the Justice League involved which made it a JL level threat (I can still dream right?). There’s other concept art showing Leaguers across the planet fighting off the Atlantean armies… it’s safe to say WarnerBros really robbed us…again 

Atlantean’s worldwide invasion force
Classic Aquaman Design

Concept Art of Aquaman in his classic suit from Zack Snyder’s Justice League originally he was going to wear the suit but Snyder let James Wan use it for the standalone

Classic Aquaman Suit

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