Movie Review: Moonfall

The Hero Guy Reviews Moonfall

Article by Brandon the Hero Guy

Moonfall is a Syfy action-thriller written and directed by Ronald Emmerich. It stars Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, John Bradley, Donald Southerland, Charlie Summer, Michale Pena and Charlie Bartchzcak.This movie tells the story of a group of astronauts on the mission to the Moon. They discover that it has an unearthly secret that becomes a threat to the entire planet. So, three Astronauts along with Nasa attempt to thwart the moon’s coming impact, while it brings in a deadly force of its own.

1st the story from this movie is pretty decent and pretty creative in its own way. A Syfy movie that you can sit down and enjoy the storyline for what it is. This was done by the director who made Day after Tomorrow and 10,000 BC so you already know what to expect from this movie. Me personally, I thought it was a fun Syfy action that you can watch every now and then. The entire cast did a great job with what they were given; especially Halle Berry really liked her character. Same with John Bradley’s character as well, who had a big role to play in this movie.

Also, the outer space sequences with the moon were my favorite aspect of the movie. The fictional history of the moon and it’s connections to humanity had a similar feel to the destruction of Krypton in MOS; especially with the 3rd act and the Moons extraterrestrial background. This was definitely a good starter movie to go watch and I don’t have an issue with the director’s comments on Marvel and DC. I thought he did have a point on other movie genres deserved to be acknowledged. Given the road that the MCU and the DCEU are going especially with WarnerBros I think MoonFall was the perfect break from those two, my opinion its worth to see. 

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