Marvel’s Cat Burglar: Felicia Hardy

Find out about Marvel’s favorite cat burglar.

Article by Brandon the Hero Guy

Comic bio on Felicia Hardy also known as the Black Cat who’s a well-known Spider-Man villain who’s a master thief and a love interest to Peter Parker which can be complicated at times due to her criminal background she 1st appeared in the Amazing Spider-Man #194 created by Marv Wolfman’s and Keith Pollard.

Felicia Hardy is the daughter of a world-renowned Cat Burglar Walter Hardy who before his arrest encouraged her to never second best if she loved basketball. She should work to become a basketball player or a cheerleader. During her freshman year in college she was almost sexually assaulted at a party in a bathroom but was saved by a student named Ryan by then they both became close friends to the point where their friendship slowed became a relationship, until one night Ryan wanted their relationship to became more Physical in which Felicia instantly protested against it.

Hating the idea of being a victim she vowed to kill her attacker putting aside her studies and practicing many fighting styles including acrobatics.
After months of training she set out to kill Ryan but before she could he was already killed in a car accident, furious at her one shot to seek revenge towards her attacker Felicia decided to put her skills into thievery though she was eventually caught, after being arrested Felicia was bailed out by Black Fox her Father’s mentor who took Felicia in as his next pupil.

Black Cat Felicia Hardy

After massing a collage of stolen items Felicia decided to take on a costumed identity donning the name Black Cat and set out to break her father out of prison on that same night she met Spider-Man and took interest in the lone hero and grew to trust him which resulted into her falling for the Web Slinger.
Felicia looked for a way to earn his trust and continued to be the Black Cat Persona as a misguided attempt to get Spider-Man’s affection however she’s still cunning enough to fake mental instability ensuring she was housed in a secure facility when she was released Felicia initially agreed to go straight for Spider-Man and the Web Slinger, even as his friend on the force Captain DeWolff begin drawing amnesty papers.

The Black Cat decided to do one last big score however attempted Peter to join her on a life of crime, he tried to catch her again but she seemingly flung to her death rather than go back to jail. Because of this Captain DeWolff still arrived with now useless amnesty papers shortly after. The Black Cat has appeared in many versions for Marvel’s pop culture which includes Animated shows, video games and many comics story arcs she and Peter have a long history which is equal to his relationship with Mary Jane, Black Cat has an arsenal of abilities that make her such a good but lethal character her abilities include:

  • Tychokinesis
  • Skilled Hand to Hand Combatant
  • Retractable Claws
  • Master Thief
  • A Master Acrobat
  • Master Manipulator

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