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Your Journey has begun! A journey into the world of indie comics. Make your choice between a quest to slay cosmic dragons, or challenge fallen angels for the sake of mankind. Your the master of your fate.

The Immortals of the TOS Verse.

We have more comics, posters, stickers, and apparel than ever before. This is your one stop for everything CnS Comics. There’s no better time to enjoy storytelling that storytellers love!

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We've got more Tales of the Stars coming your way, as well as more from Spedi Sousa. You really don't want to miss what's next for CnS Comics!

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CnS Comics offers a broad variety of characters, across different creative universes.

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We’ve got amazing creators who do what they do all for the love of creation. With our wide variety of products, you’re bound to find something you’ll love. A fantastic journey has begun.

Sample page of Spedi Sousa's Dark Fantasy Issue #2
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Spedi Sousa's Universe Dark

Who are the fallen angels? Those who weren’t bad enough to be in Hell, nor good enough to remain in Heaven. Will mankind survive them? The undecided angels in the war of the heavens fell to Earth, became the ancient mythological gods or false gods. A mysterious witch named Gullveig rebels against them, creating her champion. The Journey continues with Issue #2.

If you’ve begun your journey with us, then you know how to keep it indie. Check out the latest comics and prints from your favorite indie creators!

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