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Debuting in Issue #2, the Keeper of the Hoard wields the power to hoard anything on his planet and with his frightful disposition, Ra’Laar is no trifle. Once you enter his realm you fall under his power. Regarded by many as the most dangerous Immortal, he is not to be taken lightly.

Like all Immortals the Hoarder posses great physical attributes. Immortals are able to heal any wound, except in the event that limbs are separated. They have great strength and are able to travel (albeit slowly) and live in space without any aid. They are beings of the cosmos.

Ra’Laar is old, very old, possibly the oldest Immortal left in Existence. Like Alijah he predates the events of the Uncreation. His Immortal power is Keeper of the Hoard, allowing him to “hoard” anything within his realm.

His power allows him to hoard not only items and people, but people’s powers. This puts anyone who dares tread in his realm completely within his power. This unique skill has made his planet, Jalor, the stopping place of Existence’s most dangerous and amazing relics.

With the vast hoard, comes vast knowledge of the hoard. Ra’Laar when his memory is serving him well knows more about Existence than any other being that Tol’Asha has encountered save the Stars. Another reason why you should–Beware the Hoarder!

The Most Dangerous Immortal, Ra'Laar the HoarderSample page from Tales of the Stars Issue #2

As a human Hilda has no powers. She is well trained in fencing and equestrian skills. As Fenix she ​​possesses pyrokinesis, mediumship, is able to rise from the ashes, has regenerative blood, immortality, accelerated regeneration, stamina, strength and superhuman agility.
Hilda uses medium and long swords, shields, and wears a metallic breastplate.
Hilda was adopted by Nubia at a young age, with no knowledge of her past. She was educated by the Amazons. Becoming a highly proficient warrior, master linguist, mathematics, and history.
Nubia sent her on a mission to retrieve one of the sacred nails, which put her in the path of Hiker and Gullveig. Mysteriously Gullveig meets Hilda, and the young blonde warrior has a strange connection with the cursed warrior.

Hilda Design 2HIlda Design 1

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Spedi Sousa's Universe Dark

Who are the fallen angels? Those who weren’t bad enough to be in Hell, nor good enough to remain in Heaven. Will mankind survive them? The undecided angels in the war of the heavens fell to Earth, became the ancient mythological gods or false gods. A mysterious witch named Gullveig rebels against them, creating her champion. The Journey continues with Issue #2.

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