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Welcome to CnS Comics. Your one-stop shop for indie comic books, as well as other creative services. Here at CnS, everything we make is for the love of creation, and the joy of bringing a new perspective to the world of graphic literature. Join our website, visit our shop, follow our blog, and you will never miss out on the best indie comic book and indie animation around.

One Journey Becomes the Next…

The Tales of the Stars series is proof that dreams can be real.  It took a lot of work, and it was worth every late night, early morning, and short holiday it took to get here.  CnS was founded to publish the Tales of the Stars series and provide content you will love. Our comics are all story no filler, every time–Because that is the CnS way.

As I was able to publish and complete more comics, the mission grew. I wanted to help others who thought their dreams were impossible, realize that they are possibility. The power of human creation knows no limit save what limits we apply through lack of faith and imagination. I will tear down those barriers, and bring my dreams to life.

I appreciate you, the reader, and I hope you will enjoy the amazing journey that I’ve been so blessed to create. The world of indie comics has allowed me to bring African American sci-fi stories to life. Today is the best day to live what you believe. So, CnS was born. So we could live our dreams–dream big, dream with us.

Armist Ret from the Captains series.
Armist Ret

Captain Bala Assata of the Space Way Pirates. From
Bala Assata

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to create stories that storytellers can love. I started Crump-N-Sons LLC because I didn’t want to be driven by money. I want to live by my passion–So here it is.

Who We Are

We are a small group of individuals. We are completely self funded. That means our effort and your dollars are how we make everything you see happen. We truly do this all for the love of creation.

More than Comics

More than comics, more than the animation, more than our aspirations to create stories that the whole world can love– Crump-N-Sons LLC wants to treat the people we work with and work for better (that’s you the reader, the customer, we love you!). You the customer are always my number one.

What yo have to say really does matter to us. We are always doing the best we can to do the best we can. You can help us do that by telling us how we are doing, and what you think we can do better. Feedback is always welcome, and we are always grateful to you our customer.

“He is the Space King and you should bow before us.” Valest, the Captains Issue #1

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