Our Origins

One Journey becomes the Next

The Tales of the Stars series is proof that dreams can be real. It took a lot of work, and it was worth every late night, early morning, and short holiday it took to get here. CnS Comics was founded to publish the TOS Verse, and to provide storytelling that storytellers can love! That’s the CnS Comics way.

As I was able to publish and complete more comics the mission grew. I wanted to help others who thought their dreams were out of reach, impossible; I wanted to help them realize that they are possibility incarnate. The power of human creations knows no limit save what limits we apply through lack of faith and imagination. I will tear down those barriers, and my bring my dreams to life. You with me?

We Give Thanks

We appreciate you, the reader, and hope you will enjoy the amazing stories we’ve been so blessed to create. The world of indie comics has allowed us to bring a diverse array of narratives to life. I know that with our combined efforts we will make the CnS Comics mission a reality that uplifts every community through the power of storytelling. Today is the best day to live what you believe. So, CnS Comics is here to do just that, to enable us to live our dreams–dream big, dream with us!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to create stories that storytellers can love. CnS Comics was founded on that mission because we are dedicated to be driven by our passion, not by the need for dollars–so here it is our passion! We thank you for embracing us. More than comics, more than animation, more than our aspirations to create stories the whole world can love–CnS Comics wants to treat the people we work with and work for better (that’s you the reader, the customer, we love!). You, the customer are always number one.

Meet the Team

We’re a small group of individuals, but always growing. We are completely self-funded. That means our effort and your dollars are how we make everything you see happen. We truly do this all for the love of creation.

Wilson Lee

Wilson is the founder and CEO of CnS Comics. He’s had a lifelong passion for storytelling, and always enjoyed the writing process. Over the years his passion to create bubbled over and he founded his own publishing company to self-publish the Tales of the Stars series. The initial success of this series led to the solidification of the official TOS Verse and subsequent expansion of the publishing company.

Wilson Lee, creator of TOS Verse

Creative Team


Spedi has been drawing since he was seven years old. Being a cartoonist and working on comics were his childhood dreams. Publishing his books with CnS Comics is a dream come true. Representing Southern Brazil, Spedi is a husband, father, and a public servant and this is a big influence on the stories he creates.

Growing up Spedi was a fan of the works of Robert E. Howard (Conan and Solomon Kane) and the works of Kentaro Miura (Berserk) and Howling Hill, and a big fan of Wuthering Heights. Spedi has many indie comics he plans to create and is passionate about the future of CnS Comics.

Spedi Sousa
Meet Spedi Sousa, creator behind Universe Dark

Kemny Pierre

Originally from Long island NY, Kenny Pieere is one of five siblings. A military veteran, Kem served 7 years in the military, including serving overseas. Ultimately Pierre left the armed forces to pursue his passions–art, storytelling and comics. An artist, writer, storyteller and illustration artist, Kem style was shaped by the era he was born into. He credits anime like Ruroni Kenshin, Yugi oh, Yu Yu Hakushu, Cardcaptor Sakura, Zatch Bell for making him who he is today (though the list of influential anime is much longer)  When asked about his love of anime he responded,”Who could grow up in a golden age of anime and not want to create stories and characters universes for people to relate with and enjoy”–Kemny Pierre. “What I really want my stories to do is, unite us, create magical stories with diverse characters that represent us as a whole, characters that look like you and me, characters we can relate to and obviously badass and fantastical stories!” Kenny Pierre of CnS Comics the creator of Amaania.

Kemny Pierre
Meet Kemny Pierre, creator of Amaania

Nayona Thompson

Meet Nayona (nay-yawn-a), a 20 something she/her from the DMV and soon to be your favorite cosplayer! She’s an up and coming content creator, cosplayer, and makeup enthusiast. Her hobbies include drowning in Drake discography, watching anime, brunching , and dressing like her favorite characters of course.

Nayona Thompson, the Cosplaybaenay

Our Affiliates


Yellowcake.Ent is an indie music, sound-design, and production studio. We partner with the amazing D.R. Hardin and his Yellowcake.Ent powerhouse to produce all of the music behind the Tales of the Stars animated series, theme songs, promotional music, SFX, and more. The studio is headed by D.R. Hardin. A genius musician who provides a broad range of talents. Capable of producing music to match any mood, film, or animation.

Lindsey Smith

Lindsey Smith is a writer and content creator for CnS Comics. His focus is to create characters that will stand the test of time. Heavily influenced by Tite Kubo (creator of Bleach) and Dwayne McDuffie (Milestone Comics), Issa Rae (Insecure). His favorite characters include Ben 10, Mega Man X, Sonic the Hedgehog, Static Shock, and Sasuke Uchiha. He has a love and passion for the supernatural and science fiction genres and animation and cartoons. Lindsey has joined CnS Comics with the mission to grow himself and the brand into a household name, and to make himself and the world better through the power of narrative.

Lindsey Smith, writer and content creator

Brandon “Hero Guy” Robinson

Brandon “Hero Guy” Robinson

Valiant, Image, Marvel, or DC if it is comic then the Hero Guy knows it! Join the nerd community with Brandon Hero Guy Robinson as he dissects everything comics and comic related. Enjoy expert reviews and commentary on the latest comic community news.

Brandon "Hero Guy" Robinson
Brandon “Hero Guy” Robinson

“He is the Space King and you should bow before us.” Valest, the Captains Issue #1

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