Alijah the Blacksmith

Sample page from Tales of the Stars Issue #1

Alijah is the greatest craftsman ever to be in Existence. Despite his massive physique he isn’t a warrior. That isn’t to say he can’t hold his own in a fight. Alijah has been around a long time, and played a pivotal role in events throughout the history of Existence.

Although it isn’t directly discussed, Alijah received the call of the Voice prior to the events of the Uncreation and the arrival of the Stars in Existence. Alijah would have been called during the Time of the Trees. During this time Immortals were all called onto one of the five golden worlds.

Alijah survived the devastation of the Uncreation, and was present during the Time of Bliss, when the Stars dwelled among the Immortals on the golden worlds. After the departure of the Stars, Alijah decided that he would again visit the mortal races. Something he had done in the past.

Before departing, he constructed some of his most iconic wares. It was after this period, during the events that led to the War of the Six, that Alijah was visited by Gil’Umbrum. The mighty Star provided Alijah with mysterious plans, and the craftsman created the vessel that would change the balance of Existence.

The Immortal of Creation, Alijah the BlacksmithPage Sample from Tales of the Stars Issue #2
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