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Welcome to the Mystic Realm

The World of Amaania—

The story of the Amaani is one of hardship and strength, warriors cursed by the very land they call home. Enduring through no other will than the will to survive, no matter the sacrifice.  The world of Aeia is harsh and unforgiving, darkness covers the skies…and the only light to be seen is the harsh snow that covers the land  and the remains of the victims of the dark sewn across the bloody snow.

Enter the World of Amaania and start the adventure that will mingle the darkness and light within your soul.

Learn the Truth Within Your Soul

  The demon’s frenzy never ceases in the sunless nightmare that is the world of Aeia, monstrous things ravage the lands …stalking…creeping…eating. The demons have reigned uncontested for over a century…but something stirs there…in the darkness the Amaanians have a monstrous design of their own ready to awaken…and stalk the land…creeping…devouring…

Akana & Jugo cover art designed by Kemny Pierre.


Akanä (Akanae)

Akanä is a warrior from the Amaani clan, she was part of an Elite huntsman group called the ZOE.

Her and her partner Jugo have one goal, eradicating all demons. Not much is known about her besides what is stated in the Amaani archives.

She has been absent for almost a century as Amaanians have shorter life spans many have forgotten her entirely and her absence has tipped the scales greatly in the demons favor, its up to her and Jugo to bring balance, or in their case “Kill them All!”

Akanä and Jugo
The darkness given form.


Darkness….Jugo is Darkness given form, embued with maka, which is a form of spiritual energy.

Jugo was able to manifest as more than just darkness…Jugo is rage and magick and wrath…

Jugo remembers a time when wonderful things happened in the darkness…gatherings, laughter, festivals…life…now no one gathers, no one lives…all that darkness breeds now is terror and death…

“Now I will bring terror and death…”–Jugo


Kuma is a warrior from the infamous Amaani Clan, an Elite demon hunter with shocking abilities.

Once one of the Spears of Amaani, Kuma lives on the outskirts of the village tasked with guarding the “Light stone”. Guarding a “big rock” as he calls it, is pretty boring but things are about to change.

Kuma the Hunter

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