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You’ve experienced the best indie comics, now it is time for more. Take part in the Tales of the Stars animated adventure based on the African-American sci-fi series, the Tales of the Stars.

Cns Comics Presents

Follow our YouTube channel by clicking below to begin the journey of a life time.  Join Tol’Asha and Alijah as they set out on an epic quest to save Existence. With our animation partners Dimotion Studios and Yellow Cake Ent. we will continue to deliver more amazing animation.

We plan to continue to improve our capacity for animation. Our hope is to breakdown barriers to indie animation, thereby enrichening the pool of narrative. Part of the Great Graphic Awakening is about broadening the scope of narratives and expanding the possibilities of animation. Diversity and representation in comics and animation will benefit the greater entertainment community. The more diverse the storytellers, the more exciting and new things we can all experience…together.

CnS Comics Presents (Pilot Animations)

Do you love the Tales of the Stars series (TOS)? We know you do. We have comics, animation and so much more coming your way. Click below to dive deeper into the TOS Verse!

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