Bala Assata

The Peerless Captain

Sample page from Tales of the Stars Issue #1
Bala Assata
Bala Assata

Bala, Captain Bala, is the leader of the Space Way Pirates. They are the first mortals Tol’Asha encounters in the Cosmic Dragon story arc at the end of the first age. She is quick witted and big-hearted. Bala loves to scrap and will rarely avoid direct conflict. However, her approach to combat makes her one of the greatest military minds Existence has ever known.

Not only known for her brilliant military mind, Bala is feared and revered for her prowess in battle. Be it planetary or space-bound, she is known to be near unbeatable in battle. A master marksman and no slouch with a saber, whether in or out her exo-suit, Bala is a force of the cosmos in battle. The Space Way Pirates as a whole are known to be fierce in battle and pursuit of pleasure. Undoubtedly a result of the uncertain lifestyle of piracy.

Leading a band of refugees turned pirates has caused Bala to have a unique personality; one split between living for the thrill of the moment, and planning for the future of her people. On a long-sought quest to find a world of their own to settle, the Space Way Pirates have found themselves with no other option but to work outside of the established rules of the Salsatyr Empire.

Bala leads her crew on adventures across the Space Way. Looting ancient ruins, smuggling people and goods, and at times resorting to outright robbery to survive. A noble heart does not pardon one from their ignoble deeds, but Bala puts the survival of her people first. She is quick to remind you that, “We got ta’eat”. Another amazing indie comic book character.

Captain Bala Assata from the Tales of the StarsSample page from Tales of the Stars Issue #3
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