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Welcome to the CnS Comics Blogosphere! This is the place to be to experience even more CnS Comics has to offer. Our team covers everything from pop-culture and entertainment news to indie creators, and even provides an opportunity to experience some of the creators own content! With so much amazing talent at CnS Comics, you won’t want to miss a single post!

Meet the Bloggers!

Introducing Lindsey Smith

Lindsey Smith is a writer and content creator for CnS Comics. His focus is to create characters that will stand the test of time. Heavily influenced by Tite Kubo (creator of Bleach) and Dwayne McDuffie (Milestone Comics), Issa Rae (Insecure). 

Lindsey Smith
Lindsey Smith

His favorite characters include Ben 10, Mega Man X, Sonic the Hedgehog, Static Shock, and Sasuke Uchiha. He has a love and passion for the supernatural and science fiction genres and animation and cartoons. Lindsey has joined CnS Comics with the mission to grow himself and the brand into a household name, and to make himself and the world better through the power of narrative.

Introducing Brandon Robinson

Valiant, Image, Marvel, or DC if it is comic then the Hero Guy knows it! Join the nerd community with Brandon Hero Guy Robinson as he dissects everything comics and comic related. Enjoy expert reviews and commentary on the latest comic community news.

Brandon “Hero Guy” Robinson

Introducing Lawrence Goodluck

Lawrence is a Nigerian and a final year student at the University of Ibadan.He specializes in writing and bringing forth non-existing ideas into reality through storytelling. Lawrence is mostly inspired by the works of  Marvel and DC Comics. he hopes to one day be behind the success of one of the greatest stories of his time.

Lawrence A. Goodluck
Law A. Goodluck

His favorite fictional characters are Iron Man, Spiderman and Batman and he has love and passion for epic sci-fi stories. In his free period Lawrence simply plays video games and discusses movies with his younger brother. Lawrence is a blog contributor for CnS Comics with the goal of taking himself and the brand to greater heights through storytelling.

Welcome to the Blogosphere

New Jurassic World Trailer Review

Who doesn’t love the Jurassic Park franchise? I’m sure some don’t but the Hero Guy does! Get his take on the latest trailer!

No Way Home Trailer Review

We all saw that amazing trailer! And what nerd doesn’t have some love for Spider-Man? Well we at CnS Comics love us some Spider-Man. Check Brandon the Hero Guy Robinson’s take on this dope Marvel trailer!

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