Characters of CnS Comics

CnS Comics is true to its mission of diversity, and so the IPs that we publish display a broad array of inventive characters. These characters are the result of unbridle creativity, the end result of creators doing only what they believe in. We know you will love these characters as much as the creators loved making them, and we know that they will mean as much to you as they do to us. Remember to always keep it indie!

Tales of the Stars Characters

Current Immortals (Order of Appearance)

Tol'Asha on a throne made of her Star magic.
Tol’Asha upon her throne


Tol’Asha, often referred to by her honorifics, Tol’Asha of the Stars, or the Immortal Queen Tol’Asha, is described as being singular in might. An Immortal called into Existence by the Voice that Speaks it So, and gifted with the Immortal power, fearless.


Alijah is the greatest craftsman ever to be in Existence. Despite his massive physique he isn’t a warrior. That isn’t to say he can’t hold his own in a fight. Alijah has been around a long time, and played a pivotal role in events throughout the history of Existence. 

Alijah the Blacksmith, the Immortal of Creation.
Alijah the Blacksmith

Ra'Laar the Hoarder the meanest of all Immortals, and possibly the most dangerous.
Ra’Laar the Hoarder


Debuting in Issue #2, the Keeper of the Hoard wields the power to hoard anything on his planet and with his frightful disposition, Ra’Laar is no trifle. Once you enter his realm you fall under his power. Regarded by many as the most dangerous Immortal, he is not to be taken lightly. 

Current Mortals (Order of Appearance)

Pretty Tom, First Mate of the Space Way Pirates.
Pretty Tom, First Mate of the Space Way Pirates

Pretty Tom

Pretty Tom’s sly demeanor belies his skills in battle. A smooth talker, notably handsome and a fierce pirate, Pretty Tom epitomizes the code of the Space Way Pirates. A constant ally to Bala, he often provides wise counsel in the form of sly wit.

Bala Assata

Bala, Captain Bala, is the leader of the Space Way Pirates. They are the first mortals Tol’Asha encounters in the Cosmic Dragon story arc at the end of the first age. She is quick witted and big-hearted. Bala loves to scrap and will rarely avoid direct conflict. However, her approach to combat makes her one of the greatest military minds Existence has ever known.

Captain Bala Assta and the Space Way Pirates crew.
Bala Assata, Captain of the Space Way Pirates (TOS Series)

Current BOI (Order of Appearance)

Helkn the Cold also referred to as Sol'Polara, here name before she fell into corruption.

Helkn (Sol’Polara)

One of the fallen Stars that crossed over into Existence. Helkn is now one of the Three, the last remaining Stars in Existence.  A dragon of ice and despair with the power to control water in all it’s forms, and even to form it out of herself.  The dragons are beings of infinite power, and can take a humanoid form. 

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