Enila the Scion of Evil

Enila the Necromancer

The Scion of Erebos

Cover Art Dark Fantasy Issue 3
Enila the Necromancer

Enila is a powerful necromancer of undetermined age. She has the appearance of a 40-year-old woman with white hair, lupine teeth and snake eyes. She has succubus powers, as well as the ability to wield ancient magic. She uses a saber and dresses in a black corset and fine leather clothing.
Enila has a wide range of abilities including: alchemy, war strategy specialist, and dark magic. She is bi-sexual, egocentric, impulsive, masochistic, and extremely intelligent.
Enila is a powerhouse. With necromancer, magic, ability to transport your soul to another undead, death magic, curses, and elemental magic. She is an undead being so she is weak against the sun and blessed artifacts. Enila is a necromancer, a succubus, lover of Erebo (the False One), and leads the armies of the dead into the promised endless night.

Enila the Scion of EreboEnila the Scion of Erebo
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