Exjeter “The Space King”

The Master of the Hidden Kingdom

Sample page from Tales of the Stars Issue Captains series
Exjeter “The Space King”

The slave turned immortal Space King. Exjeter is in possession of some of Existence’s most powerful artifacts. Mainly the Magigorie and the Channeling Stones. The latter of which were used to create the barrier that protects the Hidden Empire.
Exjeter is in peak condition and maintains the age and physique of 25 years. He is tall, and a medium-dark brown in skin tone. He has dark brown eyes. His hair is in a few thick dreadlocks, that are clipped with gold near their ends. These hang shoulder length beneath the Magigorie.
He is dressed in a version of the Edinyani’s high-tech bio suits like Tanya-Bess. However, he is outfitted in a way that distinguishes him as the Space King. He usually displays his own face and only uses the faces of the mask as necessary. His bio suit is fully equipped, but he also wields a sword modified after the Aviangu’s galives, meant to dismember Immortal beings.
The Edinyani bio suits are extremely versatile. They allow Edinyani some increased strength, endurance and resilience. The ability to survive in deep-space and many other extreme conditions. The suits also provide self-propulsion and increased agility. Exjeter is also in possession of a white stone of Ra’Kan. While he doesn’t have the ability to use the ancient magic, the stone does amplify his empathetic and telepathic powers.

The Space King from Tales of the Stars Issue Captains seriesThe Space King from Tales of the Stars Issue Captains series
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