Felgirth Page Card


The Destroyer

The battle in the ruins of Yourne from Tales of the Stars #4

Felgrith the Ever-Burning is a being of shadow and flame. He has the ability to devour cosmic bodies, and even Immortals, using their never end life force to increase his power.

As one of the three remaining Cosmic Dragons in existence, he takes on the role of the enforcer. He takes pleasure in destroying the enemies of his “brother” Gil’Ubrum.

Felgirth revels in the destruction of his enemies. During the War of the Six he was single handedly responsible for the slaughter of almost all the Immortals in Existence; earning him the title, Immortal’s Bane.

Despite his appetite for destruction, Felgirth maintains a sense of honor in his purpose. Viewing the removal of the Immortals and the “traitors” as necessary to restoring true order in Existence.

Felgirth the Ever-BurningFelgirth Page Card
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