Geo Assata

The Visionary Captain

Cover image from the Tales of the Stars Captains Series
Geo Assata
Geo Assata

Courageous and battle tested, Geo has earned the respect of almost all the Space Way Pirates. He was favored by his Captain Priyon Maut in his youth. He was trained by the legendary First Mate Armist Ret. He is the lover and mate of Rala Dell, and the father of Bala Assata.
Geo was renowned for his bravery and love of his fellow Space Way Pirates. A capable strategist on the battlefield, Geo was able to outmaneuver his enemies well into old age. Under his Captainship the pirates pursue the grand vision of finding a world for them to settle all their own.
Eventually, Geo passed the mantle of captain to his daughter Bala Assata with the full support of officers and crew, as she has surpassed all pirates in skill in battle, knowledge of strategy, and compassion for her crew; a testament to her up brining and lineage.

Geo Assata from Tales of the Stars Captain SeriesSample page from Tales of the Stars Issue Captain series
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