The Dragon of Cold and Despair

Sample page from Tales of the Stars Issue #1

One of the fallen Stars that crossed over into Existence. Helkn is now one of the Three, the last remaining Stars in Existence. A dragon of ice and despair with the power to control water in all it’s forms, and even to form it out of herself. The dragons are beings of infinite power, and can take a humanoid form.

Before the Uncreation the Stars were watchers that kept the way between Existence and what lay beyond. When it was clear that the Uncreation would destroy all of Existence, many Stars decided to break their single rule and to cross over into Existence.

Their power was overwhelming, but still the Uncreation was not easily forced away. Of the hundreds of Stars that crossed over to face the Uncreation but a handful remained. They would spend their time with the Immortals on the golden worlds. This was called the Time of Bliss. For a long time all was well.

But as is so in Existence, all things come to balance, and the power of the Stars could not remain pure. As their power corrupted them, the Stars fell and became the Cosmic Dragons. Led by their Gil’Umbrum the Dragons began a war with the Immortals that continues up to the present events in the TOS series.

Helkn the Cold character from TOSHelkn the Cold in dragon form character from TOS
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