The Ancient Soldier


Little is known about Hiker. He was a Roman legionnaire, probably from the Iberian Peninsula, who experienced numerous battles. But a day after a fateful combat, about to die, Hiker saw for the first time the mysterious Gullveig who offered the chance to live again.
A pact was made, giving Hiker a new life, a cursed life in which he would be Gullveig’s eternal executioner and lover, being able to conjure blue-colored energy flames on any object, making it stronger and more resistant. Contact with this energy is able to exorcise demons and cast spells.
Hiker is a detailed and intelligent man, yet a loner, whose main feature is the scars on both eyes, and despite the appearance of a thirty-year-old man, he has been roaming the world for years, hunting and killing the so-called false gods, enemies that Gullveig declared. His only friend is Muniz who considers him like a brother.

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