Hilda Design 2


The Young Golden-Haired Warrior


As a human Hilda has no powers. She is well trained in fencing and equestrian skills. As Fenix she ​​possesses pyrokinesis, mediumship, is able to rise from the ashes, has regenerative blood, immortality, accelerated regeneration, stamina, strength and superhuman agility.
Hilda uses medium and long swords, shields, and wears a metallic breastplate.
Hilda was adopted by Nubia at a young age, with no knowledge of her past. She was educated by the Amazons. Becoming a highly proficient warrior, master linguist, mathematics, and history.
Nubia sent her on a mission to retrieve one of the sacred nails, which put her in the path of Hiker and Gullveig. Mysteriously Gullveig meets Hilda, and the young blonde warrior has a strange connection with the cursed warrior.

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