Lucas de Albunish

Lucas de Albunish

The Vampire King

Cover Art Dark Fantasy Issue 3
Lucas de Albunish

Lucas de Albunish is a vampire over 150 years old. He has the appearance of a 19-year-old with black hair. He is a Romanian, vampire, a masterful strategist, polyglot, and artist. He dresses in a tunic and fine fabric clothing. Lucas is bipolar, noble, proud, arrogant, heterosexual. He is a powder keg of instant gratification and strength. His powers include: vampirism and all the inherit abilities. His weakness is the sun, blessed objects and silver.
Originating in Rumanian as a barbarian warrior, turned vampire over half a century ago. He is the self-proclaimed vampire king, whose sole purpose is to sate his desires, and bathe in blood.

Lucas de AlbunishLucas de Albunish
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