The One-Eyed Mercenary


Muniz has had a hard time. He was a slave, legionnaire, and the sole survivor of an attack by a demonic horde. This attack made him lose his left eye. It was at this time that he received from an old monk a relic called the Divine Weapon. One of the nails used to crucify Christ, still marked with blood. Artifact is capable of wiping out or imprisoning any demonic force with just touch.
Since then Muniz has lived as a mercenary and exorcist. He met Hiker many years ago, creating a partnership against supernatural forces, as well as a great friendship.
Muniz is an intelligent man and one of the few able to fight a demon on an equal footing, but he is the opposite of Hiker. Due to his human nature, Muniz is always sarcastic, sometimes negative and with great empathy for others, his weakness being women and wine, which he never wastes.

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