Nubia the Domina


The Domina


Nubia known by her people as the Domina, or the Lady of the Fortress was a sex slave in a port city. She was freed by Hiker and Muniz, with whom she traveled on many adventures.
With the help of her friends, she dethroned the former lord of the fortress Darkrose, becoming the new “Domina” of the Fortress. Nubia is both a mighty warrior and skillful tactician. She excels as a leader.
Nubia created a utopian state in the region, commanding an army of Amazons. Turning Darkrose into a paradise in a stormy and dark world.
She also raised Hilda as a child. Caring for her as her very own daughter. Teaching her the way of the Amazons, and preparing her to face the darkness forming on the horizon.

Nubia the DominaNubia at the docks
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