Priyon Maut

The O.G.

Sample page from Tales of the Stars Issue Captains series
Piryon Maut
Priyon Maut

Priyon is old and tough. His health is failing, but his spirit is as strong as ever. Priyon has one son Pragon, however their relationship is strained. Priyon sees his son as a disappointment and Pragon feels his father doesn’t understand what it takes to save their people.
Priyon would be a traditionalist of sorts. Never relenting on his hatred for the Salsatyr, Priyon believe the “Pirates Way” was pirating. He honed his crew skills at raiding Salsatyr ships for the provisions they needed to survive.
In his old age Priyon tried to lead the crew down a less aggressive path having suffered the loss of many beloved pirates in their struggle for survival. Always leading with the crew first, Priyon seeks ways to maintain the traditions of the pirates, but also to prepare them for a future.

Captain Priyon Maut from Tales of the Stars Captains seriesSample page from Tales of the Stars Issue Captains series
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