Tales of the Stars Issue #1 (Print)

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After hearing the call of the mysterious Voice that Speaks it So, Tol’Asha awakes to find herself in strange universe called Existence. With the aid of the secretive and powerful Stars, Tol’Asha sets out to end the threat of the cosmic dragons once and for all. Will the help of her fellow Immortals, and the brave heroes of the Space Way be enough to stop these indomitable foes?

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The events of the Tales of the Stars series take place in Existence–a realm of endless life, countless worlds, and infinite adventures. Begin the journey into a brand new Existence and be forever changed!

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5 reviews for Tales of the Stars Issue #1 (Print)

  1. ryanlee252

    Great quality prints and digital work. Love the story. If you are looking to submerge yourself in a cosmic tale beyond your wildest imagination, this one is for you. Highly recommend.

  2. Luis Torres (verified owner)

    Great artwork and storyline, I have the entire series and it keeps getting better.

  3. James Salter

    Tales of the stars #1 such an amazing immersive universe. Amazing start to what I know will be a tale like no other!

  4. John O’Hare

    Wilson and the gang have created some terrific characters here that are in equal parts original and memory-evoking of some real classic comics & cartoons of the ’80s. The Heroine is a complete mystery even well into the series, a real enigma. Her somewhat sidekick’s a great constant, and the other cast members are really interesting. The reveal of the Space Dragons and the hints at the history of the Universe here are true High Fantasy Epic Space Opera. And visualising all this great story telling is really wonderful art, really cosmic colouring and solid lettering work. The God-Level Sci-Fi Super Being escapism in Tales Of The Stars is not to be missed. Thanks CNS, love your work ! I look forward to seeing where this journey takes us, whether on the deck of a Space Pirate Ship or the back of a Cosmic Dragon !

  5. Rasheen Beats

    Great comic and amazingly fast shipping. This is a comic you must own in your collection. Especially if you love sci-fi and seeing black people in a fantasy world.

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