The Power of Ra’Laar the Hoarder


Name: Ra’Laar

Titles: The Hoarder

Race: Immortal 

Powers: Immortal Strength, Immortal Durability, Immortal Speed and Agility, Keeper of the Hoard.

Weapons/Relics: The Hoarder’s hoard is vast, and full of countless powerful relics.

Ra’Laar the Hoarder


Debuting in Issue #2, the Keeper of the Hoard wields the power to hoard anything on his planet and with his frightful disposition, Ra’Laar is no trifle. Once you enter his realm you fall under his power. Regarded by many as the most dangerous Immortal, he is not to be taken lightly. 

Like all Immortals the Hoarder posses great physical attributes. Immortals are able to heal any wound, except in the event that limbs are separated. They have great strength and are able to travel (albeit slowly) and live in space without any aid.  They are beings of the cosmos.

Ra’Laar is old, very old, possibly the oldest Immortal left in Existence. Like Alijah he predates the events of the Uncreation. His Immortal power is Keeper of the Hoard, allowing him to “hoard” anything within his realm. 

His power allows him to hoard not only items and people, but people’s powers.  This puts anyone who dares tread in his realm completely within his power. This unique skill has made his planet, Jalor, the stopping place of Existence’s most dangerous and amazing relics.

With the vast hoard, comes vast knowledge of the hoard. Ra’Laar when his memory is serving him well knows more about Existence than any other being that Tol’Asha has encountered save the Stars. Another reason why you should–Beware the Hoarder!

The Hoarder in action from TOS Issue #2.
The Hoarder is no trifle
The Hoarder recounting past events, image taken from TOS Issue #2.
“I am old little one.” the Hoarder TOS #2
Ra'Laar the Hoarder image taken from TOS#2.
Mind the wisdom of the Blacksmith
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