The Carefree Warrior

Sample page from Tales of the Stars Issue Captains series
Tanya Bess

Tanya is an Edinyani intelligence specialist who uses a custom bio suit geared for subterfuge and assault. She is dark-skinned with micro braids. She is short and strongly built. However, she is extremely athletic and considered to be very beautiful. Her power suit is equipped with various ranged weapons, (lasers and missiles, laser nets…etc) and she carries a cosmic steel saber. Tanya-Bess is also a master mech pilot and leads an elite unit of Ediniyani and Ichtharian mecha pilots under the Space King’s banner.
She is kind-natured, and has a good sense of humor. She maintains this even during battle. She enjoys a good fight, but knows when to retreat. Taking everything in stride she is easily one of the most laid back during her time on the Space King’s Court. She is the pilot of the mech Able which is designed for scouting, subterfuge, and quick hit and run assault tactics.

Tanya-Bess from Tales of the Stars Issue Captains seriesTanya-Bess from Tales of the Stars Issue Captains series
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