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The Captains

Introducing the Space Way Pirates!

The Space Way Pirates are an ancient race of wanderers in the Tales of the Stars universe. Always led by a Captain. This series is the history of the Space Way Pirates in a non-chronological account of their adventures across Existence. The Space Way Pirates struggles reflect those of the disenfranchised. Made a race of wanderers through no fault of their own. Their struggle will resonate with readers of all types, the good nature in the face of adversity will inspire, their prowess on the battlefield will bring them glory!

The Captains

The first run is planned for four issues that focus Captain Priyon’s time as Captain, and the subsequent rise of Captain Geo. Geo is arguably one of the greatest Space Way Pirates to wander Existence. The crew includes the most legendary pirate of all time, Armist Ret. Ret was first mate to the previous captain before Priyon. Also among the crew is Rala Dell considered to be one of the greatest minds of her time. Last but not least Pragon Maut, son to Priyon and known for his love for the pirates and unending belief that they could integrate into the Salsatyr Empire.

Meet Captains Priyon’s toughest pirates!

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