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The Phase 0 Project

Welcome to the Phase 0 Project

CnS Comics’ Phase 0 is all about bringing you more amazing comics. We have so many scripts in the vault and couldn’t choose one to be our next title, so the Phase 0 Project was born. We aim to deliver more content, and we want you to love it! This anthology will be released every two years, with 2021 being the inaugural year. One of the most important things we are looking for is your feedback, so do let us know what you don’t love, kinda love, or do love! 

That’s right, with the Phase 0 Project you’ll help us pick the next indie comics we publish. With a wide variety of narratives, Phase 0 an opportunity for us to experiment and for you the reader to have a hand in determining what content you get. To us it is a win win situation, we get to try things outside of the mainstream box, and you get content more tailored to your need.

Phase 0 2021

2021-The Inaugural Edition

The inaugural edition of the Phase 0 project features the work of three amazing artist who have produced four amazing zero issues for you to enjoy. I hope you not only love the amazing stories we are weaving, but also the unique way that these special artist bring that work to life. All the titles were written and created by Wilson Lee.

The Phase 0 Project is our way of “testing the waters” and trying out new scripts. It’s also an opportunity to work with new artist and give up and coming artist a chance to showcase their skills. The mission at CnS Comics is always the same, we are here to empower creators. Every person is unique and we all have a special story that only we can tell and we want to help tell it.

Eager City Chronicles Issue 0 Cover
Eager City Issue 0 Cover
The Captains Issue 0 Cover
The Captains Issue 0 Cover
The Canopy 0 Issue Cover
The Canopy 0 Issue Cover
Universal Deliveries Issue #0 Cover
Universal Deliveries Issue #0 Cover

The Eager City Chronicles, illustrated by JP Torres is a horror themed detective series. Imagine Dragnet and Twilight Zone had a baby, and hired the X-Files to babysit, that blessed offspring is the Eager City Chronicles. The Captains, illustrated by JP Torres is a space cowboy style comic that follows the exploits of the Space Way Pirates. Set in the Tales of the Stars universe this zero Issue is full of Easter Eggs and guaranteed to entertain.

The Canopy, Illustrated by Tory Anderson is beautifully rendered. Undertake the emotionally charged journey of a scurry made refugees through no fault of their own. It is a deeply human introspection delivered through an anthropomorphic narrative.  This one is bound to make you ask serious questions of yourself. Join the struggle of Maloy and his homeless scurry as they put each other first, and find a way to continue even if there may not be
any reason to. Universal Deliveries, illustrated by Carl Lucas, is a hilarious adventure that has no real meaning! Join the dynamic delivery duo, Roger and Schroe as they meander through life and the Space Way. Roger Evensides and Schroedinger Felonis are an odd couple, one a rule loving…well square, and the other a literal cool cat.

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