Ticallion the Shogun


The Shogun in the Sky

Sample page from Tales of the Stars Issue #4

The Immortal of Travel, also called the Shogun, Ticallion is a being of honor. He is as thoughtful and caring as he is strong. He’s known for his mastery of the Cosmic Reins and swordsmanship.
During the Golden Era, also called The Time of the Trees, Ticallion befriend Alijah the Blacksmith and Khan the Thurgarian. Their friendship would last throughout the ages.

After the Uncreation during the Time of Bliss, Alijah would craft two of his most legendary items one of which would be the Cosmic Reins. He gifted a set to Ticallion, who gained ultimate mastery over the reins.
His ability exceeded Alijah’s, and Ticallion was able to permanently maintain control of any cosmic body he had managed to capture with the reins. This feat earned him the title the Immortal of Travel. Ticallion played a pivotal role during The War of the Six. He disappeared during the war, not re-emerging until his encounter with Tol’Asha near the end of the second age.
Ticallion is a legendary swordsman and a loyal and trustworthy friend. He’s been in Existence since the 1st Age and survived the Uncreation and the War of the Six. He has the unique ability to create tangible Illusions to great scale. Before the War of the Six he used this power to entertain Immortal and mortal alike.

Ticallion the ShogunTicallion in the Ruins of Yourne
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