The Star-Bonded Queen

Sample page from Tales of the Stars Issue #1

Tol’Asha, often referred to by her honorifics Tol’Asha of the Stars or the Immortal Queen, is described as being singular in might. And is the chief protagonist of the Tales of the Stars. An Immortal called into Existence by the Voice that Speaks it So, and gifted with the Immortal power of fearlessness.
Fearlessness is the unique power that is at once a gift and a curse. It allows Tol’Asha to keep a clear head in all situations. Maintaining her poise in situations that would cause others to behave irrationally. At the same time, it creates a disconnect between her and other beings. Sometimes even those she loves and respects.

Like all Immortals, Tol’Asha has physical qualities beyond any mortal race. Amongst the Immortals there are varying degrees of physical attributes, and Tol’Asha is in the upper echelon of them all. Tol’Asha entered Existence possessed of a great martial might, and was also trained by the Stars. She is one of the mightiest magic wielders in all Existence.

Beyond her powers as an Immortal, Tol’Asha is bonded with the mystical Stars. Beings of immense power that reside between Existence and what lay beyond. The power of the Stars is actually what is used to form her garments, weapons, and the source of her magic.

Tol’Asha can change her clothing at any time. Switching effortlessly from a flowing gown of light, to cosmic battle armor made of pure Star Magic. The Star Magic allows her to create constructs to match her imagination, and registers as a power only matched by Beings of the Infinite.

Immortal Queen Tol'AshaPage Sample from Tales of the Stars Issue #1
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