The Immortal Queen Tol’Asha


Name: Tol’Asha

Titles: Tol’Asha of the Stars, the Immortal Queen.

Race: Immortal 

Powers: Fearless, Immortal Strength, Immortal Durability, Immortal Speed and Agility, Star Bonded

Weapons/Relics: Sandals of the Phoenix, Moonstone Crown, Sword of the Tree

The advent scene from TOS Issue #1


Tol’Asha, often referred to by her honorifics, Tol’Asha of the Stars, or the Immortal Queen Tol’Asha, is described as being singular in might. An Immortal called into Existence by the Voice that Speaks it So, and gifted with the Immortal power, fearless.

Fearless is the unique power that she posses as an Immortal. It allows Tol’Asha to be unimpacted by the emotion of fear…she can’t feel the emotion. All her decisions are made with other motivations.  If she choses to retreat, then know she has something in mind–she can never be driven from the battlefield by fear.

Like all Immortals, Tol’Asha has physical qualities beyond any mortal race. As an Immortal, her physical strength, speed, and endurance exceed any other beings known in Existence. Amongst the Immortals their are varying degrees of physical attributes, and Tol’Asha is in the upper echelon of them all. 

Beyond her powers as an Immortal, Tol’Asha is bonded with the mystical Stars. Beings of immense power that reside between Existence and what lay beyond. The power of the Stars is actually what is used to form her garments, weapons, and the source of her magic.

Tol’Asha can change her clothing at any time. Switching effortlessly from a flowing gown of light, to blazing hot mail made of pure Star magic. The Star magic allows her to create constructs to match her imagination, and registers as a power near that of Cosmic Dragons.

Zulu Armor Tol'Asha
Zulu Armor Tol’Asha
Shine On Poster Design
Shine On Poster Design
Cosmic Battle Armor Tol'Asha.
Cosmic Battle Armor Tol’Asha
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