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Existence with the capital “E” is the greater universe of the Tales of the Stars. The Tales of the Stars Universe, or TOS Verse encompasses all the series that take place in Existence. This includes the current titles The Tales of the Stars, The Captains, and Universal Deliveries. We fully expect to continue expanding the series that take place within this universe. Long ago Existence was faced with a catastrophe known only as the Uncreation. No one knows what caused this event, but it led to the destruction of many worlds, and thus many civilizations. It seemed the Uncreation could not be stopped. At this time Immortals allied themselves with Mortals, using all their magic and might in an attempt to resist the Uncreation.

Nothing was able to resist its advance. During this time there were five golden worlds on which the Immortals dwelled. Two of them were lost to the Uncreation, and countless worlds of Mortals faded into the darkness. When all seemed lost, a blazing light like nothing Existence had known burst forth amidst the darkness of the Uncreation.

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The Stars had come to be, and all was saved! There was a time of bliss, and the Immortals lived side by side with the gods they had craved. And the time with the Stars was sweet. The remaining Immortals, in time, learned to live with the loss of the Uncreation. They grew close to the Stars and learned from them of Forever, the place beyond Existence.

Poster design called the Time of Bliss. Art by JP Torres. Depicts Ra'Laar and Sol'Polara before the Fall of the Stars.
The Time of Bliss art by JP Torres

However, all things must come to balance. The power of the Stars being unnatural to Existence began to have unnatural effects on Existence. And being fully existent took its toll on the Stars. Finding themselves cut off from the other Stars that held their place as keepers of the way between, the Stars in Existence departed from the Immortals they had grown to love. Only to return as the Cosmic Dragons. Setting the stage for the arrival of Tol’Asha and the ultimate battle for Existence.

More About Existence

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The Voice that Speaks it So

The Voice is a mysterious power in the Tales of the Stars universe.  Rarely encountered, though often invoked, the Voice’s motives are unknown, but its actions have Existence-wide impacts. It has the power to literally speak it so.

The Uncreation

The Uncreation is an event that predates the Tales of the Stars series.  No one knows why it happened… The first domino to fall in a series of events that will change Existence forever.

The Space Way

The Space Way is simply the part of Existence where the mortal races have managed to travel.  The Space Way is ever-expanding as the mortals do, and is currently ruled by the Salisatyr Empire.

The Stars

The Stars are powerful beings, keepers of the path between Existence and what lies beyond. They bond their power to Tol’Asha and name her their champion in the battle against the Cosmic Dragons.

Cosmic Dragons

During the Uncreation some Stars crossed over into Existence to aid the sentient beings of the universe.  In doing so they abandoned their duty, an act that would have unforeseen consequences.


Immortals are unique beings. They exhibit a wide range of powers and appearances.  Immortals are not warriors necessarily. Many of their powers are mystical as opposed to militant. Once the inhabitants of the golden worlds, now they are scattered across Existence. The Immortals are some of the most distinct beings in the TOS Verse. As their name suggest, they are immune to conventional death. Immortals live off of the energy of the infinite that makes up Existence. This makes them able to travel space without the need to breathe oxygen, eat, or drink. They are actually able to “breathe-in” the energy around them.

Immortals posses immense physical qualities. They are physically stronger, faster, and more durable than almost all mortals (un-augmented). Beyond this, each Immortal has a unique power. No two Immortals powers are alike, and they vary from power over various elements to power over other beings powers. While they cannot be killed by conventional means, there are fates Immortals can suffer that are worse than death.


The Mortals of Existence are the most numerous and diverse of all the beings that populate the Universe. While some mortal races have deeper connections to the infinite which manifest in the form of magic, they rarely reach the potential that matches with the other beings that occupy Existence.

Mortals established what is known as the Space Way. Put simply the Space Way is the part of Existence inhabited by mortal beings. The Space Way is ever expanding as are the races of mortal beings that pop up in across the TOS Verse.

With few exceptions, they are not as physically or magically powerful as Immortals or the Beings of the Infinite. But their technological achievements can outpace lesser Immortals, and render otherwise impossibly powerful beings, powerless. As the Hoarder tells Tol’Asha in Issue #2, “You can learn a lot from those that die.” Ra’Laar the Hoarder, Issue #2 Tol’Asha and the Trial of the Hoarder.

The Space Way Pirates: The Space Way Pirates are the first of the mortal races that Tol’Asha encounters. Wanderers of the Space Way, these beings stick to a code, however risky some of their adventures. Currently led by Captain Bala Assata they seek a homeland of their own and an end to their wanderlust.

The Salsatyr Empire: The Salsatyr are a race of clones that rule over the Space Way. Originally, they were cloned to be slaves for an advance humanoid race. After overthrowing their masters, they led a war against the other races of the Space Way. This led ultimately to the Treaty of Conquest, and the establishment of the Salsatyr Empire which has reigned over the Space Way for around 300 years.

The Children of Kebu: The Children of Kebu are mortal beings native to the planet Kebu, a dual star solar system. Kebu is known as the Hidden Empire because they employ an advanced technology that makes them nearly undetectable within the Space Way. The four species that originate from this system like the Thurg predate the uncreation and are some of the oldest and most powerful beings in Existence.

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