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Welcome to the enchanting realm of the Tales of the Stars Universe, a rich and captivating fictional cosmos that stretches across galaxies and dimensions. Within this vast expanse of imagination, you will discover a tapestry of stories, adventures, and characters that will transport you to worlds beyond your wildest dreams.

Tol'Asha of the Stars, an Immortal cosmic being explores space watch by Helkn the Cold, an evil Cosmic Dragon

The Tales of the Stars Universe is a meticulously crafted universe, born from the boundless creativity of its visionary creators. It is a realm where science fiction, fantasy, and epic storytelling blend seamlessly. In this realm, you will encounter brave heroes, cunning villains, mythical creatures, and stunning technologies that defy the boundaries of what we know.

Each tale within this universe offers a unique experience, drawing you into its intricate web of plots and subplots. Whether you seek thrilling space battles, epic quests for ancient artifacts, or heartfelt tales of love and sacrifice, the Tales of the Stars Universe has something to satisfy every imaginative craving.

Sample page from Tales of the Stars
Sample page from Tales of the Stars comic book series published by CnS Comics
Sample page from Tales of the Stars comic book series published by CnS Comics
Sample page from Tales of the Stars comic book series published by CnS Comics
Sample page from Tales of the Stars Universal Deliveries Series
Existence 1
Welcome to Existence

Existence with the capital “E” is the greater universe of the Tales of the Stars. The Tales of the Stars Universe, or TOS Verse encompasses all the series that take place in Existence. This includes the current titles The Tales of the Stars, The Captains, and Universal Deliveries. We fully expect to continue expanding the series that take place within this universe.

Existence 2
The Uncreation

Long ago Existence was faced with a catastrophe known only as the Uncreation. No one knows what caused this event, but it led to the destruction of many worlds, and thus many civilizations. It seemed the Uncreation could not be stopped. At this time Immortals allied themselves with Mortals, using all their magic and might in an attempt to resist the Uncreation.

Existence 3
The Golden Worlds

Nothing was able to resist its advance. During this time there were five golden worlds on which the Immortals dwelled. Two of them were lost to the Uncreation, and countless worlds of Mortals faded into the darkness. When all seemed lost, a blazing light like nothing Existence had known burst forth amidst the darkness of the Uncreation.

Existence 4
The Time of Bliss

The Stars had come to be, and all was saved! There was a time of bliss, and the Immortals lived side by side with the gods they had craved. And the time with the Stars was sweet. The remaining Immortals, in time, learned to live with the loss of the Uncreation. They grew close to the Stars and learned from them of Forever, the place beyond Existence.

Existence 5
The Fall

However, all things must come to balance. The power of the Stars being unnatural to Existence began to have unnatural effects on Existence. And being fully existent took its toll on the Stars. Finding themselves cut off from the other Stars that held their place as keepers of the way between, the Stars in Existence departed from the Immortals they had grown to love. Only to return as the Cosmic Dragons. Setting the stage for the arrival of Tol’Asha and the ultimate battle for Existence.

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The key to the Tales of the Stars Universe lies in its ability to transport you to new and unexplored worlds. Immerse yourself in the opulent cities of distant planets, traverse treacherous landscapes, and witness civilizations that span galaxies. With each turn of the page or click of a button, you will embark on a journey that will take you to the farthest reaches of the universe and beyond.

Yet, beyond the dazzling settings and fantastical elements, the Tales of the Stars Universe is imbued with thought-provoking themes that resonate deeply with readers and viewers. It explores the complexities of human nature, delving into questions of morality, identity, and the existential dilemmas that arise when faced with the unknown. Through its narratives, the universe invites you to reflect upon the human condition and ponder the power of choice and its consequences.

So, prepare yourself to embark on a remarkable odyssey through the Tales of the Stars Universe. Experience the thrill of discovery, the triumph of heroes, and the agony of defeats. It is a universe that will ignite your imagination, challenge your perception of reality, and leave an indelible mark upon your literary and cinematic journey.

Enter the Tales of the Stars Universe. Adventure awaits! Want more of the Tales of the Stars Universe? You can check out our animated universe here!

About Kebu 1
The Hidden Kingdom
The Kebu System

After recovering the three magical Channeling Stones, the Edinyani and Yeteru combined technology and mysticism to create the Hidden Kingdom of Kebu. This was a pocket dimension in which all the planets of the Kebu System were encased. A dimensional barrier that made Kebu’s existence impossible for any who did not possess a key to detect, let alone access. The keys of Kebu are not easily acquired and the only known key to be given to one outside of Kebu was given to Geo Assata. The key is both a map and a means for access to those who understand its use.

The Space King

The slave turned immortal Space King. Exjeter is in possession of some of Existence’s most powerful artifacts. Mainly the Magigorie and the Channeling Stones.

The Carefree Warrior

Tanya is an Edinyani intelligence specialist who uses a custom bio suit geared for subterfuge and assault. She is dark-skinned with micro braids. She is short and strongly built.

The Single-Minded Warrior

Valest Argoul Val Carin Valestros, is a raven-like Aviangu. His feathers are a deep blue-black color, but they shine brighter blue at their edges.

About Kebu 1
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More About Existence

The Voice that Speaks it So

The Voice in Tales of the Stars

In the vast and intricate world of Tales of the Stars, the concept of the Voice takes center stage as a mysterious power that holds immense influence over the very fabric of reality. It is an enigmatic force that is rarely encountered, yet its presence is constantly felt throughout the narrative.

The Voice possesses a remarkable ability that sets it apart from all other entities within the universe: the power to manifest its thoughts and words into tangible existence. With a mere utterance or a whispered command, the Voice can shape and mold the world around it, bringing forth new beings, altering landscapes, and even rewriting the laws that govern the cosmos.

One of the most captivating instances of the Voice’s intervention occurs in the captivating opening issue of the Tales of the Stars series. Here, amidst a realm devoid of life, the Voice that Speaks it So calls forth the character known as Tol’Asha from the depths of the void, bestowing upon them both form and purpose. This cosmic act of creation captivates readers, leaving them in awe of the Voice’s boundless potential.

However, despite its immense power, the true nature and motives of the Voice remain shrouded in mystery. Throughout the ongoing storyline, characters engage in fervent debates and philosophical discussions, seeking to unravel the secrets behind this enigmatic force. Some view the Voice as a divine entity, a supreme being with a grand plan for the universe. Others question its intentions, wondering if it is merely capricious or even malevolent in its actions.

As the series progresses, the plot delves deeper into exploring the multifaceted nature of the Voice, examining its impact on the lives of the characters and the seemingly infinite possibilities it presents. The discussions surrounding the Voice become pivotal moments of introspection and contemplation, as they raise profound questions about the nature of existence, the power of language, and the limits of human comprehension.

Despite the ongoing debates, the Voice ultimately remains an enigmatic and elusive presence, defying easy categorization or understanding. It serves as a constant reminder that within the vastness of the Tales of the Stars universe, there are still unseen forces at play, transcending mortal comprehension.

Such is the allure of the Voice in Tales of the Stars – a captivating enigma that fuels the imagination, provokes deep reflection, and invites readers to contemplate the depths of the unknown. Its actions and influence ripple throughout the narrative

The Uncreation

The Uncreation is an event that predates the Tales of the Stars series. No one knows why it happened. It is the first domino to fall in a series of events that reshaped Existence and paved the way for the advent of Tol’Asha.

During the Uncreation, a creeping darkness appeared in Existence, its origins shrouded in mystery. It spread insidiously, seeping into the very fabric of reality. Everything it touched was consumed and erased from Existence, leaving behind an eerie emptiness. It advanced relentlessly, like an inexorable tide of annihilation, obliterating worlds, civilizations, and countless lives in its wake.

As chaos ensued, panic gripped the hearts of those who witnessed the Uncreation. Fear and despair permeated the air, as the once vibrant realms and diverse races of Existence were being gradually extinguished. The devastation was beyond comprehension, as the intricate tapestry of existence unraveled before their very eyes.

But amidst the darkness, a glimmer of hope emerged. The powerful Stars, guardians of cosmic balance and champions of light, sensed the impending doom and took swift action. Harnessing their celestial powers, they united in a valiant effort to halt the Uncreation and save what remained of Existence. Their radiant presence pierced through the veil of despair, illuminating the path towards redemption.

With their combined might, the Stars fought against the encroaching darkness. They cast spells of protection, summoned divine energies, and forged unbreakable bonds of unity. Their celestial harmonies reverberated across the cosmos, a symphony of defiance against the primal forces of chaos. It was a battle on a cosmic scale, one that would shape the destiny of Existence itself.

After a severe and protracted struggle, the Stars managed to push back the Uncreation. The creeping darkness receded, its malevolent grip loosening its hold on the fragile remnants of Existence. The worlds that had been lost were unable to be fully restored, but pockets of sanctuary were salvaged from the brink of extinction.

The aftermath of the Uncreation left a lasting impact on the survivors. They would forever be haunted by the anguish of loss and the fragility of their existence. The memory of the Uncreation would remain etched in their collective consciousness, a somber reminder of the precarious nature of their reality.

The Space Way

The Space Way and Tales of the Stars

The Space Way is an expansive realm within the Tales of the Stars series, representing the domain where mortal races have successfully traversed. Under the governance of the Salsatyr Empire, the Space Way serves as a backdrop for numerous familiar conflicts and struggles akin to those experienced by humanity.

Within this vast expanse, political intrigue, resource competition, love, betrayal, and all the enthralling drama of mortal life unfold among the diverse races and beings that populate the Space Way. It is a dynamic and ever-expanding realm, constantly shaped by the actions and aspirations of its inhabitants.

Embark on a journey through the pages of Tales of the Stars, and explore the captivating narratives that bring to life the complexity and intricacies of the Space Way. Discover the captivating tales that mirror humanity’s own struggles and immerse yourself in a universe where the threads of destiny intertwine with the vastness of the cosmos.

The Stars

The Stars, with their luminous brilliance and celestial majesty, hold a profound place in the vast cosmos. These powerful beings transcend the boundaries of mortal understanding, acting as the intermediaries between Existence and the realm that lies beyond. Within the intricate tapestry of the Tales of the Stars Universe, the Stars take on a pivotal role by bestowing their extraordinary power upon Tol’Asha, an extraordinary individual chosen as their champion in the epic struggle against the mighty Cosmic Dragons.

Enigmatic and awe-inspiring, the Stars possess a unique bond with Tol’Asha, empowering her to harness their cosmic might and confront the malevolence that threatens to engulf the universe. It is their unwavering faith in Tol’Asha’s unwavering determination, unwavering fortitude, and unwavering compassion that has elevated her to the rank of their esteemed guardian.

But who are these celestial entities, these radiant beacons of hope in the face of darkness? Born from the primordial energies that birthed the cosmos, the Stars embody the very essence of infinity. With their eternal existence, they have witnessed the rise and fall of countless civilizations, the ebb and flow of cosmic forces, and the cycles of creation and destruction that shape the fabric of reality.

Beyond mere guardians, the Stars possess unparalleled mastery over the Power of the Infinite. Their celestial energies, harmonizing with the essence of creation itself, signal their status as the ultimate wielders of cosmic forces. Through their divine light, the Stars have the profound ability to repel the encroaching tides of Uncreation, casting back the forces of darkness with their radiant brilliance.

In addition to their metaphysical prowess, the Stars also possess extraordinary physical abilities. Their forms, imbued with the essence of the cosmos, possess near-limitless strength, agility, and resilience. Such remarkable attributes enable the Stars to manifest their infinite light in both subtle and awe-inspiring ways, ensuring the preservation of Existence itself.

The cosmic battle against the formidable Cosmic Dragons is intricately interwoven with the fate of the Stars. As the embodiment of cosmic order and harmony, the Stars bestow upon Tol’Asha the necessary power and determination to face this fearsome adversary. With their guidance and intervention, Tol’Asha becomes a beacon of hope against the encroaching forces of chaos, her unwavering spirit representing the collective will of the Stars.

Cosmic Dragons

During the Uncreation, a cataclysmic event that shattered the boundaries between dimensions, some Stars crossed over into Existence to aid the sentient beings of the universe. They manifested themselves as celestial entities, guiding and protecting those in need. In doing so, these benevolent Stars abandoned their original duties, an act that would have unforeseen consequences for the cosmic order.

The Stars who fell from their celestial realms found themselves immersed in the vibrant tapestry of Existence. For a while, they harmoniously coexisted with the myriad of beings, promoting peace, prosperity, and enlightenment. This period, known as the Time of Bliss, was a golden age in the annals of Existence. The Stars and the Immortals, beings of everlasting life, forged a deep connection as they communed on the Golden Worlds.

During these ethereal gatherings, the Stars shared their boundless knowledge and wisdom, offering insights into the mysteries of the cosmos. In return, the Immortals imparted upon the Stars the joy and wonder of existing, the beauty of experiencing the flow of time. The collective bond between the Stars and the Immortals burgeoned and flourished, cultivating a harmonious coexistence that resonated throughout all realms.

However, as time passed, the very nature of the Stars, as beings not meant to exist in this mortal realm, began to take its toll. The Stars’ prolonged presence in Existence gradually eroded their ethereal essence, rendering them vulnerable to corruption. The first Stars to fall from grace lost their ability to hear the unified voice of the cosmic harmony, severing their connection with the collective will that had once propelled them to save Existence.

As they became truly individual entities, the corrupt Stars underwent a profound transformation, morphing into mighty beings known as Cosmic Dragons. These abominable creatures still retained remnants of their former stellar powers, but were marred by a tainted draconic form, forever bound to the consequences of their downfall. While they retained the ability to assume human form, it was no longer their natural visage.

The fall of the Stars into Cosmic Dragons marked the dawn of a dark era in Existence. Consumed by their corruption, these wicked entities declared the Immortals their enemies, igniting a brutal and relentless war known as the War of the Six. Manifesting their cosmic might, the Cosmic Dragons unleashed terror across Existence.


Immortals are unique beings, residing as enigmatic entities within the vast tapestry of existence. They transcend the boundaries of ordinary life, existing as ethereal manifestations of power and mystery. Possessing a kaleidoscope of awe-inspiring abilities and captivating appearances, Immortals are a true marvel to behold.

These extraordinary beings are not merely warriors; they encompass a diversity of talents and traits, often shaped by their inherent connection to the realm of magic and the esoteric forces that govern the cosmos. Once inhabitants of the Golden Worlds, Immortals have now been scattered across the expanse of Existence, their presence felt in even the most remote corners of the universe.

One of the most defining aspects of Immortals is their immunity to conventional death. It is through their unique affinity with the infinite energy that permeates the fabric of reality that they draw sustenance and vitality. Consequently, Immortals possess the extraordinary ability to traverse space and celestial realms without the need for mundane necessities such as oxygen, food, or drink. Instead, they harness and “breathe in” the celestial energies that envelop them, their very essence intertwined with the cosmic forces that surround them.

In addition to their unparalleled longevity, Immortals boast formidable physical attributes that set them apart from their mortal counterparts. Their strength surpasses that of ordinary beings, their speed eclipses the swiftest of creatures, and their endurance renders them nearly invulnerable to harm. However, their extraordinary physical prowess is merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

What truly distinguishes each Immortal from the next is their unique power, an intangible and wondrous gift that manifests differently in every individual. These powers span a wide spectrum, ranging from dominion over elemental forces to the ability to manipulate the powers of other beings. No two Immortals share exactly the same set of powers, making each encounter with an Immortal an unpredictable and mesmerizing experience.

While it is true that Immortals are granted immunity to conventional demise, this does not mean they are impervious to all forms of fate. There exist fates that, for Immortals, are perhaps even more harrowing and devastating than death itself. Despite their enigmatic nature, Immortals are not immune to the ebb and flow of destiny, traversing a path fraught with trials and tribulations unique to their immortal existence.


The Mortals of Existence are the most numerous and diverse of all the beings that populate the universe. While some mortal races have deeper connections to the infinite which manifest in the form of magic, they rarely reach the magical potential that matches with the other beings that occupy Existence. Mortals established what is known as the Space Way. Put simply, the Space Way is the part of Existence inhabited by mortal beings, spanning vast galaxies and uncharted territories. It is an ever-expanding tapestry, evolving alongside the races of mortal beings that emerge across the TOS Verse.

Mortals, with their limited power compared to Immortals or the Beings of the Infinite, have found alternative ways to shape the universe around them. Through their sheer resilience and determination, they have forged civilizations, developed intricate technologies, and built thriving communities across the cosmos. Their technological achievements can often outpace those of lesser Immortals, challenging the notion that mere mortality implies limitations.

Mortals, being ephemeral creatures, possess a unique quality that imbues their existence with significance. It is through their transient nature that the Mortals of Existence learn to appreciate and value life in all its fleeting moments. Their vivid experiences and diverse perspectives enrich the tapestry of existence, adding color and depth to the ever-unfolding narrative of the universe.

Yet, Mortals are not without their shortcomings. Some succumb to the allure of power and become consumed by greed or ambition. Others find themselves locked in perpetual cycles of conflict, their thirst for dominance leading to devastating wars and immeasurable suffering. However, many Mortals strive for unity, cooperation, and progress, transcending their individual limitations to create a collective legacy that spans generations.

Within the vast expanse of the Space Way, Mortals encounter myriad beings and civilizations. They engage in diplomacy, trade, and cultural exchange, fostering a sense of interconnectivity that transcends their mortal boundaries. Through their interactions and collaborations, Mortals gain insights into the mysteries of the universe and grow as individuals and as a collective. Each encounter is a learning opportunity, an invitation to understand and appreciate the rich diversity that characterizes the Mortals of Existence.

So, whether wandering the cosmic highways or settling on distant celestial bodies, Mortals continue to shape the Space Way with their ambitions, innovations, and capacity for growth.

The Mortal Races

The Space Way Pirates: The Space Way Pirates are the first of the mortal races that Tol’Asha encounters. Wanderers of the Space Way, these elusive beings stick to a code of honor, even in the face of danger and uncertainty. Led by the courageous Captain Bala Assata, they navigate the vastness of the galaxies, seeking not only riches and treasures but also a homeland of their own and an end to their perpetual wanderlust.

The Salsatyr Empire: The Salsatyr, a unique race of clones, hold dominion over the Space Way. Created initially as slave clones by an advanced humanoid civilization, they eventually rose up against their oppressors and led a daring rebellion. The ensuing war with the other races of the Space Way culminated in the historic Treaty of Conquest, which solidified their position and established the mighty Salsatyr Empire. For over three centuries, the Salsatyr have reigned over the vast expanse of the Space Way, their supremacy unchallenged.

The Children of Kebu: Native to the mysterious planet Kebu, nestled within a dual star solar system, the Children of Kebu are mortal beings shrouded in secrecy. Renowned as the Hidden Empire, they have mastered an advanced technology that renders their presence within the Space Way nearly undetectable. The four distinct species that originate from this enigmatic realm, including the mystic Yetiru, boast an ancient lineage that predates even the Uncreation itself. Possessing immense power and knowledge, the Children of Kebu stand as some of the oldest and most formidable entities in the fabric of Existence, guarding their secrets and maintaining a delicate balance within the cosmos.

The Kitari: Deep in the farthest reaches of the galaxy, there exists a race of bug-like beings known as the Kitari. While their appearance may be unsettling to some, their civilization is a testament to their scientific prowess and unwavering dedication to advancement.

Intriguingly, the Kitari have a unique role within the grand tapestry of the universe. As a part of the Treaty of Conquest, they have willingly taken on the responsibility of being the official trash collectors for the mighty Salsatyr Empire. While this may seem like a menial role, it serves as a facade to obscure a hidden secret of the Kitari.

Unbeknownst to the Salsatyr Empire, the Kitari have long hollowed out the very worlds they inhabit, constructing vast secret civilizations within the cores of these planets. These hidden enclaves serve as sanctuaries for Kitari scientists to conduct their groundbreaking research and experiments, shielded from prying eyes and external interference.

Within Kitari society, the pursuit of scientific knowledge is not merely a professional endeavor, but a deeply ingrained religious vocation. Science is their religion, and the Kitari devote themselves to unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos. At the heart of their civilization lies the concept of “Sister Scientists,” an esteemed rank that is central to their scientific community.

Sister Scientists are highly respected and revered by their Kitari peers. Contrary to what their name may imply, Sister Scientists do not necessarily need to be biological sisters. Instead, they are pairs of accomplished female scientists who collaboratively contest each other’s hypotheses and theories. This unique approach to scientific inquiry ensures that all perspectives and possibilities are thoroughly explored, ultimately leading to more comprehensive and robust discoveries.

Legend has it that the founder of the Kitari civilization, a venerable figure known as Kita, received divine visions or perhaps extraterrestrial guidance akin to the biblical Moses. In these visions, Kita was bestowed with the plans to create the revolutionary Harvester technology. This groundbreaking innovation empowers the Kitari to transform dying worlds into their secret enclaves, prolonging the existence of these planets while simultaneously fueling their insatiable thirst for scientific exploration. As the Kitari continue their solitary quest for knowledge, venturing deeper into the uncharted territories of the universe, they uncover mysteries long forgotten by most mortals.

Join Tol’Asha and her allies in their epic battle against the Cosmic Dragons. Witness the power, the courage, and the sacrifices as they fight for the very essence of existence. Don’t miss out on this thrilling adventure – read now!

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