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What’s New at CnS Comics

Want to know what’s new at CnS Comics? Well you are in the right place! Everything you want to know is right here. Learn what’s new with us, and find out the latest and greatest information on everything CnS Comics! What’s new with our upcoming Comic Con events, new titles, animation and more? Click, read on, scroll on and find out!

The Space Way Pirates are Coming!

Did you read TOS #3 and find out that you love the Space Way Pirates? We thought you might, so the Captains are coming your way sooner than you think! On September 17th Existence is about to get a whole lot bigger! If you love action and adventure, epic space battles, and one-of-a-kind characters then The Captains is just what you need. Like many classic space western tales (Trigun, Outlaw Star, and Cowboy Bebop) it’s a team adventure with danger and excitement around every corner. 

The Captains Issue # 1 Cover
The Captains Issue # 1 Cover, art by JP Torres.
The Captains Issue # 1 Back Cover
The Captains Issue # 1 Back Cover

New to the Shop

Issue 3 is Now Available in the Shop!

Issue #3 of the Tales of the Stars series is now available in the shop! Check out the latest installment from the TOS Verse, and grab Phase 0 2021 and experience four different mini comics!

TOS# 3 Classic Cover
Classic cover of Tales of the Stars Issue# 3

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