A lot of Dick Graysons to choose from.

The Hero Guy about the Batman vs Superman version of Robin.

Article by Brandon the Hero Guy

The Robin suit from Batman V Superman, this suit had some heavy inspiration from the new 52 run. I would definitely want to see more backstory of how Richard Grayson was taken out by the Joker. I have no problem with the direction this Robin was going, also it takes some inspiration from the Injustice comics when Grayson was killed by Damian accidently.

What’s your favorite Robin?

Only in this universe it’s an entirely different outcome. It is the catalyst that drove Bruce to be the ruthless version of the caped crusader we see. I really like this design and this interpretation of Grayson was probably a brutal hand to hand fighter as well especially with the bow staff. We most likely would’ve seen more of the Grayson backstory in Batflecks in a flashback and JL 2.

Not an easy job to be Batman’s right hand

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