Let’s Talk Supergirl’s Origin

Kara Zor-El

Article by Brandon the Hero Guy

Origins of the actual Kara Zor- EL/ Supergirl: Kara Zor El, given the adoptive name Kara Danvers, was created by writer Otto Binder from DC Comics. Kara is the biological cousin of Kal-EL (Superman) who adopted the name Clark Kent. Supergirl first appeared in Action Comics #252.

In her debut, Kara is the last survivor of Argo city which was located on the planet Krypton. Argo survived the explosion of the planet and drifted through space as a self-sustained environment. The soil colony eventually turned into Kryptonite and though Kara’s father Zor El placed a lead sheeting above the ground in an attempt to protect the citizens from the radiation. Sadly, meteorites pierced the sheeting and the Kryptonians died from radiation poisoning.

Kara Zor-El

In Supergirl’s subsequent feature in Action Comics, drawn by artist Jim Mooney for ten years until 1968, Supergirl adopts the identity, Linda Lee. She is an orphan at Midvale Orphanage which is presided over by headmistress, Miss Hart. She disguised herself by hiding her blonde hair beneath her brunette wig. Supergirl interacts with humans on a person-to-person basis, basically performing good deeds and saving the world one person at a time. She also devises clever schemes as being “Superman’s Secret Weapon”, saving him many times and avoiding adoption before he can introduce her publicly.

While temporarily powerless due to the scheming of Kandorian scientist Lesla-Lar (a villain out to supplant her on Earth), Linda allows herself to be adopted by an engineer and rocket scientist Fred Danvers and his wife Edna.  In time she reveals her secret identity to her adoptive parents on the same day her cousin Superman finally introduces her to the world in the finale of DCs longest playing series ever at the time. Eight chapters called the World’s Greatest Heroine.

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