DC Animated Review: Catwoman Hunted

DC Does Animated Very Well…

Article by Brandon the Hero Guy

Catwoman Hunted is a 2022 DC Animated Anime styled film based off the characte Catwoman from DCComics, this feature is written by Greg Weisman and directed by Shisuke Teraswawa. It stars Elizabeth Gillies, Lauren Cohnan, Stephanie Beatriez, Kelly Hu, Kirby Howell, Keith David, Steve Blum, Jonathan Banks Jacuiline Orbradors and Zehra Fraza. This movie tells the story of known jewelry thief Selena Kyle (Elizabeth Gillies) who’s being hunted down by a criminal organization called Leviathan. Led by Barbara Minerva (Cheetah) voiced by Kirby Howell, Leviathan is ordered by the League of Shadows to take Selena Down after she steals a valuable jewel called the Cats Eye.

Catwoman Hunted Promotional Art

But Catwoman is assisted by her allies, Gotham’s Batwoman (Lauren Cohan) and Pennyworth (Stephanie Beatrize) to combat this organization of DC’s ruthless crime lords and Supervillains in intense fight for the safety of humanity. The story for this movie was pretty fluent and from the beginning it lets the audience know that it’s a heist themed movie with an anime style theme. It was a combination of Cowboy Bebop and Trigun meets DC which is a pretty awesome combination! This movie displayed it very well. However, it did feel a bit short since this is a DC Showcase type film it was expected. The animation was crisp and clean, and the fight sequences are one of the things DC is really good at; Their animated films and Catwoman hunted is proof of that.

One of the main things that I liked about this feature is that it still connects to the DC Mythos by referencing different characters such as Gotham’s known line ups and even members of the Justice League. This was a nice touch. Also, the voice cast did extremely well with their roles especially Barbara Minerva’s voice actress she made Cheetah feel like a real threat to Catwoman. In fact, the characters in this movie were all spot on and each of them had a motive to achieve while connecting to the main objective of the story which revolves around Selena Kyle and this movie gets gritty and doesn’t hesitate to show brutally which is DCs strong point. Catwoman hunted was definitely a good time and I recommend viewing this feature especially if you’re a hardcore Anime/ DC Fan this is definitely the movie for you. So, without further ado I give Cat Woman Hunted 10/10!

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