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The World Needs the Snyder Verse

The Hero Guy’s Take on the DCEU

Article by Brandon the Hero Guy

After 4 years of campaigning, the fans of the DCEU have finally gotten Zack Snyder’s Cut of Justice League! The director’s cut of a film that has constantly divided fans. People have argue over it’s existence since the decision to the release of Whedon’s reshoot cut of Justice League, after the original director stepped down due to a family tragedy.  During his time off (Snyder), there was a lot of interference from Warner Brothers, and Joss Whedon that sabotaged Zack’s Cut. We never had known at all, if not for Ray Fisher speaking out. But now that Snyder’s vision of the film is finally released fans are fighting for the Snyder Verse, which is a connected universe of DCEU films relative to Snyder’s vision. Let me remind you, the fans aren’t saying that he should direct all the movies, they’re fighting for the Snyder Verse so that directors and writers that were originally on board will continue on with their projects and connect it with Snyder’s vision of the DCEU. This include the likes of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad Rick Fukiyoma’s Flash, Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman Trilogy, James Wan’s original story arch for Aquaman and Black Manta movie, Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke, Affleck’s standalone Batman, Green Lantern Corps, and New God’s, Guillermo Del Torro’s Justice League Dark, and finally Man of Steel 2 starring Henry Cavill. 

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All leading up to the Justice League 2 and the big finale Justice League 3, where the entire League along with Earth’s forces  fight Darkseid ( voiced by Ray Porter) and his army of Apokolips. This is something fans have been wanting to see for a long time on the big screen. The only draw back is Warner Brothers which is divided on what direction DCEU should go, but what they don’t realize is that they can create a multiverse of film universes for DC. It was even mentioned in Zack Snyder’s Justice League that the Multiverse exist, and a lot of DCs content such as the current DCEU, CW and the Snyder Verse can all coexist with one another. It was Ezra Millers Flash Cameo in the CW universe that made the fans go wild wanting more. So, the Snyder Verse should definitely be apart of DC’s Multiverse since it practically started it all, and Warner Brothers can create an all out DC Crisis movie with all the universes making it a huge box office hit.

What Else is the Hero Guy Excited About?

Aqua Man 2 has wrapped! Source: DC Fans Kerala. Are you as excited as we are?

The Return of Aqua Man!

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