Pokémon Villains Playlist

The Definitive Pokémon Villain’s Playlist

What would the villains of the Pokémon Franchise listen to?

Article by Lindsey Smith

Ever wonder what the villains from your favorite shows listen to? Well I certainly have, so check out what my favorite villain teams from the Pokémon franchise are vibing too while they ruin your vibe.

Team Rocket from the Pokémon franchise.

Team Rocket

Main goals : Capture and sell powerful Pokémon, steal Pokémon for profit. Exploit Pokémon for profit. All Pokémon exist for the glory of Team Rocket.” Their ultimate goal is to take over the world using Pokémon. With that there are a few songs and musicians they would listen too while stealing. I think the number one track on their playlist would be Flexin N’Flashing from SimXSantana–


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkohfaMEKkA Why? If your flashing strong Pokémon you are going to blasted by a Arcanine or get hit up by a Charizard  and left on the floor in flames. Quick history: Team rocket was founded in the Kanto  region of Pokémon generation  1 later reappearing in generation 2 there leader is Giovanni  gym leader of the Viridian City Gym Leader. Team Rocket’s main objective was obtaining powerful and rare Pokémon to help their criminal syndicate in the hopes of someday taking over the world. They obtain these Pokémon by regular capture, or more often, theft. In addition to this they also perform inhumane experiments on Pokémon to further enhance their power. Basically get money and no funny  business. 

Team Flare from the Pokémon franchise.

Team Flare

Main goals : Their goal is to create a “beautiful and better” world while making money and eliminating everyone who does not follow their standards.

Quick history  : Team Flare is the antagonistic team that appears in Pokémon X and Y. The group was founded by Lysandre in his hopes of creating a “beautiful world”. They steal whatever resources and materials needed for their plan without remorse. Team Flare hopes to achieve their goal by reactivating the Ultimate Weapon, built centuries ago by AZ, to eliminate all life except themselves to reduce the strain on the world’s resources. Basically if your not pretty or up to their standards  they want you dead.

Flashing Lights album art from Kanye West.
Flashing Lights Album Art

With that said I think the number one track in rotation for this team is Flashing Lights by Kanye West https://youtu.be/ila-hAUXR5U, the perfect runway music. 

Team Galactic from the Pokémon franchise.

Team galactic 

Main goals : Master Cyrus wants to become a god.  

Quick history : Team Galactic is a criminal organization set up in the Sinnoh region. They are led by a man named Cyrus, referred to as “Master Cyrus” or simply “The Boss” by his underlings.

Eminem's Rap God album art
Eminem’s Rap God album art

Cyrus’ goal for Team Galactic is to rebuild the Galaxy in his image, using some of Sinnoh’s Legendary Pokémon, which are said to have created the entire world. This is not apparent to the main body of the organization however, as many of the Grunts believe Team Galactic’s sole purpose is in capturing Pokémon. Saturn – a commander of the organization – admits that he had no idea what his boss is planning. I selected Eminem’s Rap God because well he already thinks he’s the best– https://youtu.be/XbGs_qK2PQA.

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