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Bleach Memories of Nobody Review

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Bleach: Memories of Nobody is a 2006 animated film based off the hit popular fantasy anime created by Tite Kubo. Written by Masashi Sobo and directed by Noriyuki Abe, this movie tells the story of the substitute Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki and Soul Reaper Rukia Kouichki. Both come across a mystery character named Senna who like them is also a Shinigami (Soul Reaper), but there’s something entirely different which causes suspicion. As always, the Gotei 13 air on the side of her being unknown threat to both the world of the living and the Soul Society. This draws the attention of Ganryu and his banished clan of Souls Reapers that attempt to apprehend Senna for their personal gain. This causes Ichigo and the other Soul Reapers to jump into action and prevent Ganryu from destroying both worlds. These actions create a ripple effect, disrupting the Soul Society and throwing the world into turmoil. The story for this movie was incredibly well done and it paces extremely well; letting the audience know right away what they’re in for. It’s action-packed from the start while having a bit of humor.

Bleach Memories of Nobody poster
Bleach Memories of Nobody movie poster

This movie masterfully displays the main character, Ichigo’s ability to forge strong bonds. Ichigo, who is voiced by Johnny Young Bosch, has a hilarious yet heartwarming friendship with the character Senna, voiced by G.K. Bowes. Senna plays a key part in the story, especially her background as a Soul Reaper which connects to her mysterious past. Speaking of the characters, there were a few that really caught my attention. One of them being Senna. Early on she was definitely very interesting and one of the main reasons why I like anime features is that they always introduced very unique characters—just wish they were canon to the main anime. Senna definitely kept me interested. Also, the beginning action sequence with her was a great introduction, especially when she displayed her Zanpaktou. Not to mention as always with bleach there was an awesome theme song and the action sequences between the Soul Reapers and banished clan. Very intense, we got to see some of the Soul Reaper Captains involved as well which was really exciting to see. Though this movie has action-packed fun it also sends a message of heart and faith and looking out for one another.

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