Hellboy Sword of Storms Review

Don’t Sleep on Dark Horse

The Hero Guy reviews Dark Horses Hellboy Animate Feature!

Article by Brandon the Hero Guy

Based off the hit comic from Dark Horse created by Mike Mignola, this is animated feature written by Matt Wayne and directed by Phil Weinstein. It stars Ron Perlman (Hellboy), Selma Blair (Liz), and Doug Jones (Abe Sapien). This movie tells the story about a secret organization that deals with paranormal and supernatural defense. Hellboy is a demonic looking creature from another dimension discovered during WW2. Abe Sapien is a super intelligent aquatic humanoid, and Liz is an agent that’s the most powerful of the group, she’s a pyrokinetic

Hellboy from Dark Horse Publishing.
Hellboy Brandishing a magical sword

The trio is on a mission when Hellboy comes across a sword of Japanese origin that sends him back time to the feudal era of Japan. There he’s confronted by monstrous beasts and horrific demons from Japanese myth and folklore. All these powerful entities are after the Sword of Storms; a weapon that conceals a very dark and evil power that can threaten all of existence.

This movie was really entertaining and well written. It starts off action-packed letting viewers know the mood off gate! The writing is on point in the main areas, and doesn’t feel like it has flaws at all. What I like about this movie is that it really tackles the dark and gritty Japanese folklore which suits Hellboy perfectly, and we get to see so many crazy monsters!

Dark Horse's Hellboy in animation style.
Hellboy classic animated style

The sword he carries plays a huge part, and it’s almost like it is a character on its own. As for the characters, I really enjoyed seeing Liz in action especially when she uses her pyrokinesis constantly! In her live action version, she holds back on using it. And I also like the friendship between Hellboy and Abe Sapien it’s very comedic, and the humor hits. Also, the relationship between Hellboy and Liz is very heartwarming and vastly different from Del Torro’s interpretation of the characters. 

The action in this movie is really well done as well especially in the third act and we really get to see how powerful Hellboy is without him going all out. This is definitely an enjoyable watch and proves how underrated Dark Horse characters are especially since they’re constantly overshadowed by the big 2 (Marvel/DC). It was good to watch an outsider! So, without further ado Sword of Storms is definitely a 10/10.

Hellboy with horns untrimmed

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