No Spoiler Movie Review: The Batman

DCEU drops a banger, is this the future of the DCEU?

Article by Brandon the Hero Guy

The Batman based off the Earth 2 Multiverse version of the caped crusader is written and directed by Matt Reeve’s and stars Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Collin Ferrelle, Paul Dano, Jefferson Wright, and John Turturro. This movie takes place in a grim and gritty Gotham City, where a stream of mysterious murders caused by a zodiac themed killer named the Riddler (Paul Dano).

The Riddler attempts to rid Gotham of its supposed corrupt political powers with grisly murders, while toying with Bruce’s Wayne/ Batman (Robert Pattinson), who’s only been an early Batman for the past two years. Along with Commissioner Gordon (Jeffery Wright) and Selena Kyle /Cat Woman, they track down the Riddler, and put an end to his sadistic crusade of villainy to restore the city of Gotham.

The characters were spot on! I have to give my props to Robert Pattinson he delivered an incredible performance as Bruce Wayne and Batman. His interpretation is much different from the past versions we’ve seen; completely separate from Bales and Affleck’s interpretations, Pattinson made the character his own. This version of Bruce felt more haunting and gruesomely traumatic, but still shows his own side of hopefulness. Now his Batman was incredibly brutal and terrifying he really struck fear into the Gotham’s criminals.

The Batman movie poster

This film’s story was very well written. It starts off with eerie feel to give the audience a sample of what’s to come throughout the movie. It’s almost 3 hours so it had so much to tell; the story was dripping with intensity and horror. It almost feels like a Watchmen movie due to the directing; the visuals and environment of Gotham is the finishing touch because it flowed in so well with the story and gave out a very creepy feel.

Especially in the opening sequence which I won’t spoil, because that was one of my favorite scenes. What I liked about this version is that we got to see him as a detective which we don’t really see often. We also got beginner Batman. Especially in his fight sequences because there are moments where he takes a beating, which is expected since he hasn’t been Batman for that long; he’s still learning the ropes.

The other character that really caught my attention was Catwoman portrayed by Zoe Kravitz she did a phenomenal job as the character. Everything she did in this movie was completely comic accurate of Selena Kyle; from the small nuanced movements, to the fight choreography and her relationship with Batman, everything was completely on point. She had the tendencies of an antihero in some aspects which I enjoyed from the character. It really surprised me and there were some scenes with her that completely caught me off guard.

The Batmobile

Now the for the Riddler this character was the most terrifying villain. He definitely had the characteristics of a Zodiac serial killer; he was chilling, cold and very calculating. But what I liked about this character is that this version of the Riddler showed the corruption of Gotham by exposing its politicians, and issues with the law enforcement, as well as the City’s most powerful figures that are in Leagues with Gotham’s criminal underground.

And this relates to how political parties are seen today especially with everything that’s going on in the world now. The movie did not sugar coat any of it, even criminally induced characters such as Penguin and Falcone definitely knew how corrupted Gotham is. There’s even a scene (which I won’t spoil) about the Wayne’s dark history which completely caught me off guard and really makes you question them.

This movie is also heavily inspired from both Year One and The Long Halloween Story arcs and there were many references and Easter eggs from the Comics in this movie as well as giving references to Noland and Snyder’s versions of the character. The Batman was definitely well worth the wait to experience it’s completely separate from the DCEU with its own universe to tell its stories and it has so much to offer setting up its own Trilogy so without further ado I give The Batman 9/10!   

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