How the Justice League Entered the DCEU

Did we really need all those stand alone films?

Article by Brandon the Hero Guy

The Justice League’s History Runs Deep

When you really think about it each Leaguer didn’t need a standalone origin movie to lead up to their big crossover. Maybe with the exception of Wonder Woman, the Justice League is one of the most known groups of superheroes in the entire world everyone literally knows of them, even people that don’t read Comics.

There are shows and books that have been here for decades. We are constantly exposed to the origins of these characters; who they are, where they come from, and how they came to be. You have Superman the last man of the Krypton. Part of a race of extinct aliens that have godlike abilities when exposed to a yellow sun. He was adopted by the Kent’s when his biological parents sent him to earth after the decimation of his home world. There he’s raised with morals of truth and justice.

Then there’s Batman, who puts on the cowl to strike fear in the hearts of evil in Gotham City, all while being a billionaire playboy in broad daylight. But still mentally tormented by the tragedy of his parents the Wayne’s. 

Wonder woman the Amazonian princess/demi-god. Daughter of Zeus and Hippolita, hailing from an Island of female mythological warriors.

The Justice League

Aquaman, a half Atlantean king who rules over the mythic undersea city of Atlantis, while being the bridge between his people and humanity.

Cyborg a character who’s originally a Teen Titan in the comics, and was turned into a cybernetic being by his father after a tragic accident to save his life.

Flash the most powerful speedster who was a crime lab investigator before he was struck by experimental lightning which gave him his superspeed. ZSJL was basically explaining to the audience that you should know who these characters are by now.

It makes sense for the MCU characters to have origin movies because not everyone knew about the Avengers because majority of those characters such as Iron Man, Captain America and Thor are B-List Hero’s before their actually on-screen debut which started with Ironman (2008) which led on to what the MCU is now.

Also, with the DC Characters it looks as though the DCEU/Snyderverse borrowed some pointers from the animated universe by having a Justice League build up. First it was Batman TAS, then Superman TAS followed by their World’s finest crossover. Then the start of the Justice League TAS, and this was displayed perfectly in the Snyderverse but instead of Batman being front and center, it’s Superman due to him being DC’s head mascot leading the DCEU. 

So, this was definitely the direction the Snyderverse was going for especially since these characters have been established through multiple content. 

Uxas will be all grown up next time he meets the League…

All Grown Up

We really got a mass origin of Uxas before his transition into Darkseid. The fact that in this scene he was teenager conquering other planets while searching for the Anti-Life just explains how much of a threat he was during the dark ages. Now imagine how much of a threat he is as an adult. We got a glimpse of that in Cyborg’s vision.

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