No Spoiler Review: The Northman

No spoilers, but we still going in!

Article by Brandon the Hero Guy

A Classic Plot Made Completely New

The Northman is a Viking action/ adventure film based on Nordic culture and Norse myth. It’s written and directed by Robert Eggers.

The movie stars Alexander Skasgard, Anya Taylor Joy, Seeress, Ethan Hawke, William Dafoe, Bill Skasgard, Oscar Novak, James Harper Jones, Gustav Lihn, and Nicole Kidman.

This movie tells the story of a Viking prince Amelth (Alexander Skasgard) seeking revenge after his father is murdered by his uncle for the throne. His mother and the people of his village are enslaved and his kingdom left to ruin.

Amleth along with Olga (Anya Taylor Joy) attempt to eradicate the threat. With nothing to lose they seek passage to the gates of Valhalla the home of the Gods of Asgard.

The story and writing for this movie are very well done. The writing gives the audience the theme and history of the Vikings and their cultural roots with a mixture of historical and mythological elements. Right from the beginning this movie doesn’t shy away from its very brutal and dark tone.

In the 1st few seconds things get extremely intense. Nothing is held back and there are times where you almost want to look away, but it shows that this movie has elements based on what the actual Vikings did for centuries.

The entire cast did a great job with their roles. The extremely talented Alexander Skasgard once again crushes it with his performance. His character was very ruthless and showed no mercy for those responsible for wronging his people. He stuck to the main goal he wanted to accomplish. Anya Taylor Joy did a really great job as well. Her character Olga was a very loyal and brave individual which really is rare to see in a film like this.

The Northman Movie Poster

She also plays a key part with Amleth’s character growth, which I liked about this movie. The action is incredibly brutal and horrifically violent; it doesn’t sugar coat Viking combat and how gruesome it could be. It’s up there with 300’s level of violence. But it’s much more realistic which makes it even more of a reason to be at the edge of your seat.

This movie also has some very disturbing sequences one of them with Amleth’s mother, Queen Gundun portrayed by Nicole Kidman. I won’t spoil it but there’s a sequence with her where she tells Amleth a horrific truth (it almost made me puke).

One of the main things I liked about this movie was the mythological sequences and the references to the Nordic folklore. It really shows how the Vikings are connected to their deities.

And it hurts that we don’t have movies based on African mythological history or a revenge movie about an African warrior. Not like the MCU’s Black Panther, but an actual African tribal figure from our culture that we could cheer about in the theater which is something Hollywood refuses to do.

The Northman was a very good movie and it was something different to watch not to mention an original movie for once not a reboot or a remake. Just an original movie I definitely recommend watching. 

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