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Here at CnS Comics we are dedicated to storytelling. Narratives breakdown barriers, explore possibilities, fuel our imaginations, and help us live our dreams. Everything we do here at CnS Comics is all for the love of creation, to further the richness of indie content, and to breakdown those barriers. We offer a diverse array of storytelling and plan to continue expanding our offerings by adding on additional creators. Welcome to the home of indie.

The Tales of the Stars 

The Tales of the Stars is both a series and a universe. For more on the TOS Verse Click Here The events of the Tales of the Stars series takes place in Existence–a realm of endless life, countless worlds, and infinite adventures. Experience the sci-fi action on a cosmic quest with Tol’Asha, Alijah, the Hoarder and many more. The journey begins when Tol’Asha an Immortal is called into Existence.

Existence is the universe where the Tales of the Stars (TOS) series takes place. This is a diverse world of wonders. The main protagonist of the Tales of the Stars series is Tol’Asha, a Star Bound Immortal tasked with slaying the cosmic dragons and bringing stability to Existence.

Spedi's Sousa's Dark Fantasy. Enter a new world of super-natural splendor!
Dark Fantasy

Dark fantasy is a fantasy story that takes place between the late Ancient and early Middle Ages. A group of warriors is the ultimate line of defense against a horde of demons, led by a necromancer trying to free a dangerous fallen angel. Written and created by Spedi Sousa, Dark Fantasy is the first title from a creator other than Wilson Lee. The Series is set up for a five issue run, with colors by Andrew Coons, letters by Wilson Lee, and editing by Adam Mullen.

Entire the Realm of Amaania! Where those who wish to survive must learn to master the darkness within!
Realm of Amaania

Join the Amaanians, the cursed tribe as they become the darkness to face the darkness. As the threat looms greater than ever before, she awakens–the forgotten one, the Sleeping Destruction…Akanä. And with her returns the embodiment of darkness, Jugo! This powerful duo puts fear in the hearts of evil, making the demons fear the very darkness that gave them birth.

The Captains, join a legacy of adventure!

The Captains

The Captains, illustrated by JP Torres is a space cowboy style comic that follows the exploits of the Space Way Pirates. Set in the Tales of the Stars universe this series is a gateway into the wide world of the mortals. The first publishing will be a zero Issue full of Easter Eggs and guaranteed to entertain and available in the Phase 0 2021 Anthology.

The Space Way Pirates are an ancient race of wanderers in the Tales of the Stars universe. Always led by a Captain. This series chronicles the history of the Space Way Pirates in a non-chronological account of their adventures across Existence.

Phase 0 2021 was the first Phase 0 Project released by CnS Comics.

Phase 0 2021

The Phase 0 Project is our way of “testing the waters” and trying out new scripts. It’s also an opportunity to work with new artist and give up and coming artist a chance to showcase their skills. The mission at CnS Comics is always the same, we are here to empower creators. Every person is unique and we all have a special story that only we can tell and we want to help tell it.

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