Pretty Tom

The Smooth and Fierce First Mate

Sample page from Tales of the Stars series
Pretty Tom
Pretty Tom

Pretty Tom’s sly demeanor belies his skills in battle. A smooth talker, notably handsome and a fierce pirate, Pretty Tom epitomizes the code of the Space Way Pirates. A constant ally to Bala, he often provides wise counsel in the form of sly wit.

Pretty Tom is a clever strategist. Working closely with the captain and crew to develop plans that play to their strengths, and on their opponents weaknesses. Even with his strategic value, Pretty Tom is often at the forefront of combat. His fierce warrior skill is an invaluable asset on the frontlines. Pretty Tom is loyal to Bala and the code of the Space Way Pirates.

Pretty Tom has been Bala’s companion since their youth. He is tasked with training the pirates, and with maintaining the ships of the fleet. Tom has a high level of technical knowledge, and is considered the most intelligent Space Way Pirate alive.

Pretty Tom is also an accomplished pilot. Next to none in the navigation and piloting skill of large class ships. Second only to Bala in his ability in fighter class vessels. Despite his smooth and often comedic commentary, Pretty Tom remains laser focused on the mission.

The Space Way Pirates are also known for their love of music. Pretty Tom is also the chief aficionado of music and is known to be a fine musician and excellent dancer. In the way of the pirates, Pretty Tom drinks deeply of life’s pleasures.

Sample page from Tales of the Stars seriesSample page from Tales of the Stars  series
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