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Dark Fantasy

Spedi Sousa’s Universe Dark

The Universe Dark—

Who are the fallen angels? Those who were not bad enough to be in Hell, nor good enough to remain in Heaven. After the war in Heaven, and the fall of the angels, the undecided were banished to Earth. In time they would use their power to become the ancient mythological gods, the False Ones. A mysterious witch named Gullveig rebelled against the False Ones, creating her champion. Will her champion be enough, will mankind survive the False Ones?

Stand Against the Darkness

Dark fantasy is a fantasy story that takes place between the late Ancient and early Middle Ages. A group of warriors is the ultimate line of defense against a horde of demons, led by a necromancer trying to free a dangerous fallen angel. Written and created by Spedi Sousa, who also does the line art for the series. Colors for the series are done my Andrew Coons with lettering from Wilson Lee. The series editor is Adam Mullen of Lumo Station LLC.

The characters of the Universe Dark are like no other.



Age: undetermined; Phenotype: appears to be 30 years old, medium height, human, Latino, skin tanned from the sun, scruffy beard, short black hair shaved at the sides, vertical cut scar in each eye; costume: black metal breastplate, beaten leather armor and suit.

Weapon: medium sword and knife; Skills: swordsman, wrestling, polyglot;.

Powers: mediumship, magic awareness, conjuration of mystical forces.

Personality: detail-oriented, intelligent, suspicious, lonely, heterosexual.

Weakness: Human weaknesses.

Origin: Hiker was a Roman legionnaire, who made a pact with the mysterious witch Gullveig, acquiring supernatural powers. He roams every corner of the planet facing fallen angels or the False Ones.

Hiker the main protagonist of Dark Fantasy
The mysterious witch Gullveig
The mysterious witch Gullveig

Gullveig – 

Age: undetermined; Phenotype: 19-year-old appearance, pale, black hair, body with black Celtic paints, similar to a black rose, eyes and mouth smudged by dark ink. 

Weapons: whip of thorns, sharp petals and great Fenrir wolf; Attire: red hood and leaf skirt. 

Personality: bisexual, mysterious, dynamic, egocentric, shrewd. 

Powers: magic over plant forms, teleportation, claws, and heightened senses. 

Weakness: fire, blessed objects, decapitation. 

Origin: Gullveig is an almost immortal witch who walks through the woods with her wolf Fenrir. For a mysterious reason, she chooses Hiker to be her warrior, dedicating her life to fighting the demons on Earth.


Age: 29 years old; Phenotype: human, Afro-descendant, curly black hair, scar on the right side of the face; Costume: light armor and leather clothing. 

Weapons: short sword, spear and shield; Skill: swordsman, wrestling; Idealistic, fair, spiteful, cold, homosexual personality. 

Powers: sensitive. 

Weakness: daughter. 

Origin: Nubia was a sex slave from the port city of Mali. Released by Hiker and Muniz, Nubia helped them against wizards and demons. After dethroning the lord of the Darkrose stronghold, she became the new “Domina” creating a utopian state in the region and an army of Amazons.

The mighty warrior and leader, Nubia
Domina Nubia
Muniz, the Muniz...enough said.
Muniz, the Muniz…enough said.

MUNIZ – Age: 32 years old; Phenotype: human, tall, long black hair, African, one-eyed left. 

Weapons: short sword, Divine stake, magic glass eye, mystical artifacts: Costume: half iron breastplate, leather garment; 

Personality: heterosexual, sarcastic, intelligent, determined, womanizing; skill: swordsman, wrestling, exorcism.

Powers: none. 

Weakness: human weaknesses. 

Origin: Former Slave, Former Legionnaire, after surviving an onslaught of demons, received from an old monk weapons and training to fight the forces of darkness.

HILDA (Phoenix) – 

Age: 17 years old; Phenotype: Caucasian, red hair. 

Weapons: short sword and shield; Skills: wrestling and riding. 

Personality: bisexual, humanitarian, pacifist, indecisive and hesitant; Attire: he armor and hunter leather clothing. 

Powers: fire, mediumship, able to be reborn from ashes, fire, regenerative blood. 

weakness: human weaknesses. 

Origin: Reborn Phoenix, without the memories of her past life, reborn as Hilda, Gullveig left her in Nubia’s care, creating a mother-daughter bond. Has a romantic interest in Hiker.

The flame haired woman Hilda
The flame haired woman Hilda
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